Trivial's PoE Crafting Service (Expedition SC Crafting Service 3.15)

Introducing Trivial Bot!
Trivial Bot is designed to assist players on bench-craft options.
For every mod, it includes all the information from bench (prefix/suffix, ranks, ranges, costs) as well as notes for every commonly made mistake i encountered during community crafting.

Please refrain from asking questions like prefix/suffix or cost of crafts to me, bot includes all that info and more

(I am a bit tired of doing 100+ price checks per day)

You can find the bot here:

Use !search to get a list of mods:

"!search lightning" will get you all lightning mods,
"!search helm" will get you all helmet mods,

Check the Channel Pinned message for more information.

If you wish to support trivial bot (and other future projects), i have a patreon

For everyone asking how i get bench crafts so quickly. Here is my guide for it:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Why i call this the best PoE Crafting Service:

1) Transparency in costs:

I never try to influence the amount of tips for a free service.
In case of a fee, i always quote craft costs and fees clearly and separately so you have the chance to decide if it is worth it or not.

2) No deleted forum posts to keep perfect records:

It is very easy to get negative comments removed from your threads in GGG forums, and many people use this frequently to keep a 'perfect record'
I do not do this. Every vouch thread has a back-up reddit post linked (see links section) for this purpose.

3) No self upvoting:

i never post on my thread just to bump it, meaning every single post is a genuine vouch for a different crafted item.

4) No scammy methods or abusing new players:

You will never see me low-balling for unveiled items, jun prophecies or begging in discord/global for free unveiled items to fuel this master crafting project. Period.

5) In depth crafting knowledge:

If you make a mistake (bringing a blue item for multimod instead of a rare item, asking +2 support gems on a weapon with +2 bow gems etc) there is a good chance i will realize it before start spending your money on crafts, or warn you if you are aiming for a sub-optimal craft for your item.

My Build Guides
Int Stacking Wander:
Spellslinger Fireball/Blazing Salvo: Discontinued after nerf

*** The part below is mandatory to read and understand ***

IGN : Trivialglory
From time to time, THERE ARE IMPERSONATORS ON GLOBAL 820, make sure u are trading with me.


Discord Server:

Twitter: @matters_trivial

Easiest way to reach to me is catch me online on Twitch.

Discord is nice when i am not streaming or offline, if u don't have a discord for some reason, try Twitter.

I, eventually, answer every build/craft question on twitch, twitter or discord.

In-game chat will be very limited due to my 'workload'. Just mention what craft you need in one msg and i will get back to you as soon as game allows me.

Do not use this thread or forum messages to msg me.

Expedition League Vouches start form page 250.


I am already doing hundreds of crafts each day, and i do this willingly to help ppl. If u are bringing me your profit projects over and over it adds extra workload and hurts ppl who actually need them to play.

Abusing this is an easy way of getting ignored, 'oh i did not know' or 'but i tipped x amount of currency' are not valid arguments.

My missing mods in 3.15, Expedition SC:


Costs: (read the quotes)

Normal Crafts: Free/Tips welcome , Luxury crafts: Free/Tips (might change)

What qualifies as a luxury craft:
* Any items with 'can have up to 3 crafted modifiers' mod on them.
* Crafting any mod that costs 2ex or more
* Six Link
* Flask Mods (mods that are crafted on flasks)

* Corrupted 6L: This one takes quite the time and effort, and i prefer not to do this at all. There is a flat 1ex fee on corrupted 6Ls.

Also link your item and leave a vouch here after we are done.
You can also vouch for me in The Forbidden Trove Discord (@Trivial Matters)

(Seriously, pls do it. I don't like aggressively asking for vouches but only 8% of the people left vouches in Legion. 8 vouches per 100 crafts... come on.)

*** Above was the important part -- Below is optional Reading ***

Long explanation in case you wonder why:
By default, Exact craft cost (don't ask me to convert currency) + tips. Just pay whatever you think is fair, its also okay not to tip if u are on a tight budget.

However, if the total value of crafts on the item are 2ex or more (including the mods that are already crafted), that item is considered a luxury craft.
If you are willing to spend 2ex+ on the item at the very least, it is only fair to pay the crafter a bit for his trouble.

Why this instead of a simple fee per mod system:
This service demands extreme time on my part and i need a method to cut demand, as well as resale attractions a bit.

A pay per mod system hurts new players who need a simple craft to get their builds going with a few chaos at hand, this system demands fees from people who are already spending a lot of currency on their items. I choose the latter.

I understand it might seem expensive if u just need a single mod on your multi-modded item and asked to pay the luxury fee for it, but no system is perfect. If u really think it is not acceptable there are other crafters around who do it the other way around.

Recent Changes to Crafting (and some useful info):
+2 level of socketed support gems: Costs 2ex (it was 1ex), cannot be crafted with +fire,cold,lightning,bow gem mods

+1 minimum endurance/frenzy/power charge: costs 1 divine (it was 1ex)

Minus mana cost of skills: divided into 2 mods for non-channeling (-9 max) and channeling (-3 max). Cost is 4c for max tier (it was 1ex)

Cannot Be Frozen: Costs 1ex (it was 4c)

Physical Damage Taken as Fire Damage: costs 1 div for r2, 1ex for max rank (was 1 div for max)

Non-chaos Damage gained as extra chaos damage (solo version): split into 4 mods (physical,fire,cold,lightning) costs 8 Vaal and is a prefix now.

Etiquette for making both my and your experience smoother:

Especially during prime period of leagues, i can get a lot of pms and have lines up to 10 ppl which can get complicated very quickly. Here are a few things to do (or avoid doing) to make this easier for both of us:

Read relevant parts of this thread: I assume u do this before contacting me

Do not break your messages into multiple small ones: Avoid msgs like 'hey' or 'are u up'. 'hey, i need...' is much better and easy to follow.

Keep requests realistic: 'what can i craft on this item' or 'which mod will give me best dps' is not okay. i don't know your build and usually don't have the time to alt tab, import your char to PoB to check

Do not ask me to do non crafting stuff: Boss kills, lab runs, act rushes, converting currency and especially price checks. Community crafting is already taking immense time.

Collateral (Insurance) Option:

It is a tedious thing to decide on a collateral and manage it but i understand why sometimes this can be needed.

At this point with hundreds of vouches every league, i am not willing to alt tab, check the item on a trade site and decide on a collateral for every semi-precious item. If your item is one of a kind we can still do this, but do not get offended if i refuse to do it.


My PoE Master Crafting Service Thread for Std league

Craft costs updated for 3.12

Back-up Reddit Thread(to prove I don't remove any comments from my threads to keep a flawless record unlike some other peeps, see reddit link for details).

1) Why are you doing this ? What is the catch ?

There is no hidden catch, this is meant to be a community service until GGG fixes the crafting recipe system, which is unrealistically hard for players with limited time

2) How much currency do you make ?

Honestly, no idea. I swipe the tips into currency tab after trade and move on to the next person in line.

3) How do you got all those recipes ?

This is my zillionth time doing the full collection in first weeks (Syndicate, Synthesis, Legion, Metamorph etc) so i got pretty used to it.

Jun Prophecies and veiled items are cheaper in the first few days, but also are the exalts... so i probably burn currency/time enough to buy a mirror at the start of every league

4) How much should be a decent tip ?

I avoid this question as much as i can (otherwise it would be another way of asking for fees). It is totally up to you, decide on something according to your budget, craft value or item value etc (also it is okay to not to tip if u are broke, i don't refrain from doing free crafting service)

5) Can you craft an item for me from zero ?

Yes, if u want to craft something but not sure how to proceed i can help you do it in the most efficient way possible. Basically you will need to dump me currency and explain what you want in detail. i will use the 'capital' to buy necessary materials (whatever they are fossils, alts or essences etc). In the end i charge you for the time i spend crafting your item.
Mind that this is a very trust based system and i do not guarantee success, only efficiency. Also it is not suitable for mid tier items as my fees will end up being more than the item's actual cost

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Bench Crafting Service:

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Quick response, friendly, helpful and fast.
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craft my +1 bow in no time, 40% non-ailment chaos in first try, ty mate!

thanks for help

very nice~
-3 to ring, no collateral on a 1ex shaper ring. ty
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Rank 2 Veiled Crafting - quick, smooth and friendly!

Will definetly come back again! : )



Well, thank you bro :D

Edit : Thx again

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