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what a rage quitter lollllll

edit: and now he edited it to talk about 'work.'

Just in case anyone actually missed it pre-edit, he threw a hissy fit because he couldn't log into the new league for a few hours, so ragequit the game entirely :D :D :D :D
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lmao this guy is such a baby.
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Could my build please be added to the Shadow list? I will be adding more content, but it is functionally complete currently. 3.5 Blade Vortex assassin ->
Here is my CoC Ice Nova guide, updated to 3.5.
Here's a Cyclone + Herald of Agony Assassin with 2h swords:
How to be a Ninja

Could you please add it to the list?
3.5 build:

My Lioneye's Glare/Scourge Arrow build for Assassin. Did guardians and shaper with it without much problems.

Ruthless should be [Removed by Support].

LLGCMiner[3.5 ready] with some new gear/skill tree approach, all content viable, got 100 on betrayal with it:

Another ranged build here.

Trickster - Toxic Rain CoC Essence Drain and Contagion. Clears Shaper and Guardians no probs.

[3.5] Conversion Chaos Blade Vortex Trickster/Assassin
A Blade-vortex build that abusing the power of conversion mechanics. 3.6 viable.
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