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Any ethereal knive builds for 3.6? damage got buffed a shit ton

Ethereal Knives
Mana Cost at gem level 20 is now 20 (was 23).
Now deals 7 to 10 Physical damage at gem level 1 (from 6 to 9) and 633 to 949 Physical damage at gem level 20 (from 457 to 685).
Now has an added damage effectiveness of 120% (from 100%).

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[3.6] Demi's Cospri's Malice Discharge CI Assassin Build Guide

updated to 3.6
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I created a Storm Brand Assassin that was able to clear all content with some videos on boss kills with commentary about the build in general. My guide is very thorough and has plenty of info for both new and veteran players! The Path of Building I provide gives multiple leveling versions to compare your progress to!

Thanks again!
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[3.6] Low Life Arc Mines | Uber Elder

updated for 3.6
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[3.6 The Dancing Agony]
[3.6 Blight CWC SoulRend]
[3.6] Bane & Blight Trickster MoM - Tanky Mapper - End Game Viable
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3.6 Diabloyd's Incinerate Trickster / 6k-7k EHP / 70-80% ALL damage avoidance/ 3-4+M Shaper DPS

Strong, tanky, good clearing, and reasonable budget. Everything viable with ease.
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Looks like the link to the Ice Traps build is incorrect. It links you to the Autobomber just above it.

HC Soulrend Trickster, league starter friendly

Is currently running red maps and moving down to Delve level 100.

I created this build (my 2nd one here): Cold Scourge Arrow CI Trickster

and I believe its currently in decent shape, and atm there are not many ranged shadow variations so it could be nice to mix things up a bit in OP. I decided to not include gear and gem links in that build guide and instead I simply included small section about what PoB is (I am planning to add explanation for uniques and main gem link).

I did some yellow maps with the build, but currently I am sticking around t8-t10s as my Synthesis character for this build is only lvl 75 atm.

Let me know if build has enough content to meet requirements in OP.
My builds:
[3.17] Scourge Arrow Poison Prolif Pathfinder -
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