[3.6] Low Life Arc Mines | Uber Elder

Do you want a build that can do everything? Are you tired of bosskillers that are painfully slow to map with? Would you like to deal a lot of damage without being a total glass cannon? Do you want a build that gets stronger as you invest currency into it? If you answered yes, have I got a build for you!

I've played low life arc mines in several leagues since 3.2, killing Uber Elder each time. Through temples and mines, buffs and nerfs, the build remains a solid all-rounder, and I'm happy to be able to share it with you.
Pros and Cons
- high single target damage
- good clear speed for a mine build
- no need to aim
- it's a viable ES build
- "alch and go"
- fully geared version can be expensive
- can't equip much magic find gear
- not as fast as top speed clear builds such as Tornado Shot
Buffs and Nerfs

- Arc's mana cost is slightly lower.
- The chain distance of Arc has been halved. This will lower our clear speed since Arc can't chain to distant packs.
- Arc deals around 12.5% less damage.
- Unnatural Instinct is less useful in the witch area because the shield wheel has been changed to a staff wheel.
Conclusion: nerfed


- Vaal Clarity and Vaal Discipline are instant.
- A few passive tree nodes now give 10% increased Energy Shield Recharge Rate.
- Aspect crafting returns.
- Sin Trek's flat ES roll now has a maximum of 150 instead of 160.
- Phase Run grants 50% reduced visibility to enemies instead of 80%.
Conclusion: almost no change


- Mine detonation is now truly instant and can be performed while moving. CWDT Detonate Mines is no longer mandatory.
- Phase Run is also instant. Using Phase Run as a main movement skill is much more viable.
- Delve fossils make good ES gear easier to craft.
- Shimmeron now deals its DoT lightning damage when mines deal a critical strike. This change makes Shimmeron completely unusable, forcing us to switch to different weapons. Switching to rare weapons should result in a damage loss of around 30%.
- Level 20 Minefield support now has a 36% damage penalty instead of 21%. This results in a 19% damage loss.
- Modifiers to increased duration now apply to Vaal soul gain prevention. In addition, Vaal Clarity's soul gain prevention duration has been raised to 14 seconds. The result is that there will be a 7.1 second window between when Vaal Clarity ends and when we can begin refilling souls. We will have much lower uptime on Vaal Clarity.
Conclusion: heavy nerfs


- Arc now deals 15% more damage per remaining chain. With the default 7 chains, a level 20 Arc now deals 105% more single target damage. With the 8 chains from a level 21 Arc and the additional Arc chain helm enchant, Arc deals 135% more damage.
- Arc has 90% damage effectiveness instead of 70%. This will slightly increase the damage granted by Shimmeron's added damage.
- Arc has slightly higher base damage.
- Arc now splits to an additional enemy when it chains. This should significantly boost our clear speed.
- Trap and Mine Damage support now gives 49% more damage rather than 39% more damage.
- Damaging unique enemies now grants Vaal souls. We may be able to use Vaal Clarity or Vaal Discipline during the Uber Elder fight.
- The "Always Attack Without Moving" feature has been added to the game. No more cumbersome numlock trick.
- Aspect skills are gone. We cannot run Aspect of the Spider anymore.
- The 30% quality corruption is not available. Our ES will be slightly lower.
- The Eternal Labyrinth Arc helmet enchant now gives +1 addtional chains instead of +3. However, a level 21 Arc now chains 8 times instead of 7, so we only lose 1 chain. This will slightly reduce our clear speed.
- The mine laying speed on the Saboteur minor nodes and a few passives has been reduced.
- Vaal skills cannot gain souls for a duration after using a Vaal skill. We will have lower uptime on Vaal Clarity.
Conclusion: MASSIVE BUFFS!
Note: Some of the gear linked here is from older characters. Some gem links may be different. See the gem links section of the guide for updated links.

Main Hand

We can use a rare wand, sceptre, or dagger in our main hand. Look for weapons with increased spell or lightning damage, added lightning damage to spells, and increased critical strike chance for spells. Critical strike multiplier is also nice. Shaped weapons with elemental as extra chaos or resistance penetration can increase our damage even further.


For the offhand slot, look for a shield with a high energy shield value. Increased critical strike chance for spells and other damage mods are a nice bonus. If an open prefix is available, the veiled mod "Gain X% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage" can be crafted to increase damage. The Prism Guardian shield (not shown) also deserves a mention for those wishing to run an extra aura or two.

Body Armour

Shavronne's Wrappings, with its unique ability to prevent chaos damage from bypassing energy shield, is mandatory for any low life build. It gives a high amount of energy shield, as well as some lightning resistance. Going low life allows us to take advantage of the Pain Attunement keystone for 30% more spell damage.


We use a shaped energy shield helmet with the "Arc Chains an Additional Time" enchant (the one shown here is +3 but the enchant was nerfed to +1 in 3.3). The enchant not only boosts clear speed, but also increases damage thanks to Arc giving 15% more damage per remaining chain as of 3.3. Shaper helmets are able to roll the "Socketed Gems are Supported by Level X Remote Mine / Place an Additional Mine" mod, which allows us to place 4 mines instead of 3, granting 33% more damage per set of mines.

To craft the helmet, use alterations until you hit the additional mine mod, then regal. Use Orbs of Annulment until only the additonal mine mod remains. If the annul removes the mine mod, start over. Once you have a rare helmet with only the additional mine mod, craft "Can have multiple Crafted Mods." Then craft flat energy shield, %increased energy shield, hybrid %increased energy shield and maximum life. For a suffix choose from increased quality, mine laying speed, or resistances. Divine until you get an acceptable energy shield value.

If a shaped +1 Arc helmet is unaffordable or unobtainable, buy an unenchanted additional mine helmet.


Get a pair of rare gloves with high energy shield. Gloves are a good slot to get any needed dexterity. Some fire resistance is nice too. Fingerless Silk Gloves are the ideal base but can be more expensive.

The only useful enchants are "Of Winter," "Of Spite," and "Of Reflection," since any enchants that activate on hit or on kill will not work with mines.


With 30% movement speed and high energy shield, Sin Trek are the best boots for most ES builds. Try to get a pair with a high energy shield value.

Boot enchants are extremely powerful and important for mine builds. There are 3 excellent boot enchants that we can get: "120% increased Critical Strike Chance if you haven't Crit Recently," "Adds 1 to 160 Lightning Damage if you haven't Killed Recently," and "Damage Penetrates 10% Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently."


Presence of Chayula is the best-in-slot amulet for most low life builds. The amulet gives us crucial stun immunity and a high amount of energy shield.


The Raven Frost of PoE, Dream Fragments, is our first ring. Immunity to freeze and chill is key for builds with low life totals. The cold resistance is also nice.

Lori's Lantern is optional. At some point in the build, I found that I had more than enough damage and wanted increased movement speed for mapping. A ring with 8% movement speed seemed very appealing. The "enemies are unlucky" mod provides comparable defense to a T1 ES roll on a rare ring (and much more against spiky lightning damage).

Feel free to use a rare ring to cap resists or get any needed stats. If you're a tooltip warrior, maybe use an Opal Ring.


There are multiple options for the belt slot, with pros and cons for each.

A rare Crystal Belt provides a high amount of energy shield. Look for a belt with a high energy shield roll and a high strength roll. The build requires 111 strength, but gets very little from the tree. The belt slot is an ideal place to get a large amount of strength. Resistances and a reduced flask charges used roll are also nice. It is possible to get a shaped Crystal Belt, but they can be rather expensive.

Darkness Enthroned gives the highest possible energy shield and damage in a belt slot when socketed with well-rolled abyss jewels. However, a rare belt will give higher strength and resistances. Darkness Enthroned also cannot provide utility mods such as reduced flask charges used.

The Stygian Vise is a happy medium between the Crystal Belt and Darkness Enthroned. It has lower energy shield than the Crystal Belt, but the jewel can be used for additional stats or resistances or damage. As with the Crystal Belt, look for high energy shield, strength, and any resistances you need.

Headhunter isn't actually that good for this build. We already have plenty of damage, and some Headhunter mods don't benefit us. Soul Eater increases attack and cast speed instead of mine laying speed, and mods that grant physical damage as extra elemental damage don't affect us. There are amazing mods such as haste, extra energy shield, and proximity shield, but on the average map with middling density it can be hard to find enough rare monsters to justify the loss of energy shield and resistances.

Where Headhunter does shine is on Beyond maps. Beyond maps have significantly more rare monsters than the typical map, allowing you to consistently obtain the good Headhunter mods. I would only recommend Headhunter if you're putting Beyond on all your maps (but if you are it's totally worth it).


These three flasks are mandatory. A Diamond flask is essential for any crit build. Look for the "Chemist's" or "Experimenter's" prefix. A Quicksilver flask of Adrenaline lets us get around quickly. Look for the "Alchemist's," "Chemist's," or "Experimenter's" prefix. An Eternal Mana flask with the "Cautious" prefix replenishes large amounts of mana thanks to our permanent low life, enabling us to sustain the high mana cost of mines.

These are my recommended final two flasks, although there are other options. With Rumi's Concoction active, we gain an additional 25% attack block, as well as 12% spell block and some armour to protect against weak physical hits. A Basalt flask further reduces physical damage taken. Look for the "Chemist's" prefix with at least a 23% reduced charges used roll, allowing 2 uses.

A flask with the "Of Warding" suffix and a flask with the "Of Staunching" suffix are both necessary, allowing us to comfortably run curse maps and be immune to bleeding. The "Of Curing" suffix, while not necessary, can be nice to have for poison immunity. The crit chance, movement speed, reduced mana cost, and life regen veiled mods are also good options for flask suffixes.

Here are some alternative flasks for the last two slots. A rare granite flask can be used instead of Rumi's for an extra flask suffix. The Wise Oak gives lightning penetration if lightning is your highest resist and reduced elemental damage taken for your lowest resist. Of course, try to balance your resists to be equal if you choose Wise Oak as your mapping flask. Finally, a second mana flask can be used for endgame bosses, notably Uber Elder, to always have mana available, but is unnecessary for most content.


We can utilize both regular jewels and abyss jewels in our build. I purchased all my rare jewels for under 100 chaos each (most for much less than that). Regular jewels can give more damage and are cheaper, but abyss jewels can give more energy shield.

For regular jewels, look for mine damage, lightning damage, spell damage, critical strike multiplier, mine laying speed, increased energy shield, and resistances. For abyss jewels, look for flat energy shield, crit chance if you haven't crit recently, penetration if you haven't killed recently, added lightning damage to spells while holding a shield, critical strike multiplier, and resistances. There are also some utility abyss mods that may be worth picking up such as life regeneration while moving, chance to hinder on hit with spells (if not using Aspect of the Spider), and movement speed if not hit recently.

A Watcher's Eye with the "Gain X% of Maximum Mana as Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity" mod is a key endgame upgrade, giving us several hundred additional energy shield. Additional mods such as Wrath penetration or crit are nice if you can afford them, but the Clarity mana gained as ES mod is the important one.

There are a couple of optional unique jewels that deserve a mention. Energy from Within can be placed in the jewel socket near Melding for a significant energy shield increase. However, it does not grant any damage or resistances. Unnatural Instinct can be socketed near Instability in the witch area or near Harrier in the scion area. The witch socket gives a good amount of damage and can save points from the flask wheel, while the scion socket is less efficient for damage but gives 9% additional movement speed.

Weapon Swap

Optionally, socketing Shield Charge + Faster Attacks in a weapon swap can make it easier to get around. Dreadbeak is a good choice for Shield Charging, since it provides permanent Onslaught while on low life, giving us 20% increased attack and movement speed.

Gem Links
Note: Gems joined with + are linked. Gem groups separated by ; do not need to be linked.

Main 6 Link: Arc + Remote Mine + Minefield + Lightning Penetration + Trap and Mine Damage + Controlled Destruction

Arc mines with 4 damage supports. Pretty self-explanatory. Try to get a level 21 Arc as soon as possible for the extra chain. If you have a +1 mine helmet, use Elemental Focus instead of Minefield against endgame bosses for maximum damage.

Other Options: Added Cold Damage can be swapped in for Trap and Mine Damage to shatter enemies. This is especially useful for dealing with wetas in delves and porcupines in maps. Stick with Trap and Mine Damage for bosses, as well as maps without porcupines, such as Underground Sea. Increased Critical Strikes has a lower mana multiplier than Controlled Destruction and increases freeze chance when paired with Added Cold, but also has lower damage.

Auras: Wrath ; Vaal Discipline + Blood Magic; Clarity (level 1)

The Wrath aura gives more lightning spell damage. The Discipline aura (granted automatically by the Vaal Discipline gem) provides bonus flat energy shield. Vaal Discipline itself can be activated to gain a short duration of energy shield recharge even while taking damage. One of either Wrath or Discipline needs to be linked with Blood Magic in order to activate low life, depending on if you prefer to have extra mana or extra life. The Blood Magic gem needs to be at least level 20 if used with Wrath. Level 1 Clarity is only used to gain the extra ES from Watcher's Eye.

CWDT Setup: Cast when Damage Taken (level 1) + Immortal Call (level 3) + Increased Duration + Temporal Chains (level 5)

CWDT Immortal Call is a popular setup, providing physical immunity for a short duration after taking damage. Temporal Chains will slow all enemies in an area. Enfeeble can be used instead of Temporal Chains as a defensive CWDT curse depending on your preference.

Movement: Phase Run + Arcane Surge (level 3) + Increased Duration; Flame Dash

Phase Run grants increased movement speed for a duration, boosting clear speed. It also allows you to move through monsters while ignoring their hitboxes. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of an angry pack, just activate Phase Run and walk out of the danger. Try to get a high quality Phase Run for increased movement speed. It may not be possible to fully level Phase Run if dexterity is low, but it's not a big deal.

Arcane Surge is used to gain a spell damage buff whenever Phase Run is activated. Flame Dash is nice for climbing ledges and crossing gaps.

Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Fortify can be used instead of a Phase Run setup if you prefer. Shield Charge could also be placed in a weapon swap Dreadbeak.

Vaal Skill: Vaal Clarity + Increased Duration

Vaal Clarity is an aura that gives us zero mana cost of skills while active. It is very useful for a mana-hungry mine build. Vaal Arc could be used instead for a damage boost, but it doesn't last very long.

Totem: Spell Totem + Detonate Mines

Spell Totem with Detonate Mines is amazing for mine builds, especially against bosses. Place the totem and then spam your mines. The totem will automatically detonate the mines for you.

Optional: Aspect of the Spider

Not a gem link per se, but Aspect of the Spider can be crafted on one of our rare items. The skill slows enemies' movement speed and causes them to take 15% increased damage. It reserves 25% of mana, so it's recommended to reserve Wrath on life and Discpline + Spider on mana if you use the aspect.
Leveling and Upgrades
Level 2: Explosive Trap + Lesser Poison
Level 2: Onslaught (Mercy Mission quest)
Level 4: Frost Bomb + Onslaught + Arcane Surge
Level 10: Flame Dash
Level 12: Arc + Remote Mine + Minefield (discard Explosive Trap and Frost Bomb if you wish)
Level 16: Herald of Thunder
Level 24: Wrath (discard Herald of Thunder)
Level 28: Lightning Spire Trap
4 Link: Arc + Remote Mine + Minefield + Trap and Mine Damage (Act 2 vendor)
Act 6: Spell Totem + Detonate Mines
Act 6: Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Increased Duration
5 Link: Arc + Remote Mine + Minefield + Trap and Mine Damage + Lightning Penetration
Act 9: farm Blood Aqueduct for Tabula Rasa (optional)
6 Link: Arc + Remote Mine + Minefield + Trap and Mine Damage + Lightning Penetration + Controlled Destruction

While leveling, look for rares with a high life roll and good resistances. A pair of Axiom Perpetuum make good leveling weapons. Around level 60, shift your focus to looking for rares with both a good life roll and a high amount of energy shield, as well as chaos resistance on a couple of pieces. A hybrid setup with a decent buffer of energy shield to protect your life works well until you are ready to go low life. See the budget / hybrid version in the Path of Building section for an example with some realistic gear.

Endgame upgrades in suggested order to get them:

corrupted 6 link with life roll
+1 mine helm
Shavronne's Wrappings
ES rares and Sin Trek
Presence of Chayula
respec to low life (can respec before Presence if ES is high enough)
Clarity Watcher's Eye
endgame helm (shaped +1 arc)
Ascendancy, Bandits, & Pantheon

We choose the Saboteur class for its great quality of life features for mine builds. We take the following major nodes:
- Pyromaniac: up to 20% regeneration, reduced mana cost, and immunity to shock and ignite
- Born in the Shadows: blinds enemies and reduces their damage
- Bomb Specialist: increased mine laying speed
- Demolitions Specialist: increased mine arming speed

All of the nodes are very good and can be taken in any order depending on your preference. If you are having trouble deciding, I suggest Pyromaniac > Bomb Specialist > Born in the Shadows > Demolitions Specialist.


Help Alira. +20% to critical strike multiplier and +15% to all elemental resistances is too good to pass up.


General Mapping: Soul of Lunaris (first 2 upgrades) + Soul of Garukhan (upgraded). We only use Garukhan for the movement speed. If you don't have the Garukhan upgrade, use Soul of Abberath or another minor god that you like. Get the third Lunaris upgrade if you play in parties. If you don't have Presence of Chayula yet, use Soul of the Brine King for stun protection.

Labyrinth / Atziri trio / Vaal Temple: Soul of Lunaris + Soul of Ralakesh.

Shaper: Soul of Solaris (first 2 upgrades) + Soul of Garukhan (upgraded).

Elder / Uber Elder: Soul of Solaris (first 2 upgrades) + Soul of Ralakesh.
Playstyle & Mapping
Drink your Quicksilver flask, hit Phase Run, and run around until you find a pack of monsters. Place a mine or two next to the pack, then press the detonate mines button. Watch arcs of lightning rip through the monsters. When you encounter a tanky boss, place your Detonate Mines totem and spam mines until the boss is dead.

Be sure to enable the "Always Attack Without Moving" feature on your Arc skill. To access this feature, click on the Arc skill on your skill bar. A menu will pop up with an "Always Attack Without Moving" option. Click the square to toggle it on. This will cause the mines to be placed directly at your feet, instead of where you click. It's much smoother.

The "Allies Cannot Die" mod can be frustrating to deal with as an Arc build. If the monster or totem is deep inside a pack, Arc can chain between the nearest monsters and never kill the "Allies Cannot Die" enemy. You'll need to pop your Vaal Discipline, activate Phase Run, and infiltrate the pack to place a mine directly next to the problematic monster or totem.

The build isn't hard countered by any map mods, and it's very convenient to be able to "alch and go," but there are a few that can be annoying. "Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield" doesn't greatly affect our mana usage thanks to Vaal Clarity and our mana flask, and we can pause for a couple seconds to recharge energy shield between packs, but I'd reroll on difficult content such as guardians where we need Pyromaniac's regen. "Monsters have 90% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments" doesn't seem very scary, but if you are using the Added Cold Damage swap to shatter porcupines, this mod will give you problems. I probably wouldn't reroll, but if you really don't want to die you could reroll on porcupine-heavy tilesets. The last mod is everyone's favorite: "Players are Cursed with Temporal Chains." I personally would never reroll this one because we have our warding flask up most of the time, but if you're running a big map with lots of backtracking it might be worth rerolling.
Endgame Content
I've done deathless runs of all endgame content, including Uber Elder, with this build. Here's a guide to specific difficult content.

Uber Izaro: Izaro doesn't have that much health, and you only need to deal 33% of it per phase. Place all of your mines before the phase starts, along with a Detonate Mines totem. Just before he begins to attack, hit your Diamond flask. The initial burst of mines will deal heavy damage and possibly one-shot Izaro, depending on how many crits you roll. If he's still alive, kite him at a safe distance, placing mines where you can. Even if he catches you, he'll have trouble connecting his hits while blinded.

Chayula: Nothing can hurt you too badly thanks to your +25% chaos resistance. Arc chains its way through the breach with a minute to spare. The chaos resistance also reduces the boss's damage, but you may need to sidestep the projectiles during the cyclone phase if you find yourself taking too much damage. The cyclone attack itself deals heavy physical damage, so try not get hit by it.

Hall of the Grandmasters: Arc mines are amazing for running Hall of the Grandmasters, but we may need to make some small tweaks for this map. Many of the grandmasters have culling strike, which will instantly kill us if our life is at 10% or lower. If you opted to link Wrath with Blood Magic instead of Discipline, you'll need to swap Wrath with Discipline temporarily. You'll still be on low life, but out of culling range. There is also a max block Aegis Aurora grandmaster who can sometimes be hard to kill, although it is easier after the 3.4 spell block nerf. In your weapon swap, equip a Balefire sceptre socketed with Burning Damage, Elemental Focus, and Efficacy. Swap to Balefire and cast Scorching Ray to kill the Aegis grandmaster. Another option is to use a Block Chance Reduction gem in place of Trap and Mine Damage.

Guardian of the Phoenix: Easiest of the Shaper's guardians. Arc chains keep the phoenixes at bay, so you only need to focus on the big guy. Sidestep his charges and dps him down. Don't try to facetank the firebomb.

Guardian of the Hydra: We have permanent freeze and chill immunity from Dream Fragments, so there shouldn't be any surprises. Sidestep the Hydra's telegraphed shots and get in damage where you can. Dodging the balls is a little tricky, but we have enough health to survive one ball.

Guardian of the Chimera: The only difficult part is the smoke phase. You can pop a Vaal Discipline for the first smoke phase, but you may need to portal out during the second one if you can't find the Chimera fast enough. Don't stand in the circle when he does the multi attack. Arc murders the add phases.

Guardian of the Minotaur: Probably the most difficult of the Shaper's guardians. Try to stand at about medium range. If you get too far away, the Minotaur will burrow underground to your location, dealing massive damage. We have shock immunity, but the lightning walls will still slow us down. Don't stand in the circles of falling rocks. Run away to recharge if you get low on health, but watch out for the burrow.

The Shaper: This is an easy fight if you've done it before. Sidestep the balls. When he charges up his beam, drop a Detonate Mines totem and spam mines. We have enough movement speed to avoid the big slam if we keep walking away. Pop the Void Anomalies near the edge where they won't get in the way.

Shaper flask setup: Double mana flasks for mana sustain and Wise Oak for damage.

The Eradicator: Annoying fight, but shock immunity helps a lot here. This is also a good fight to equip Lori's Lantern, even if you don't normally wear it. The enemies are unlucky mod is extremely effective at reducing incoming lightning damage. Run away in a circle when he casts Lightning Tendrils. There's usually a safe corner to recharge if you get low.

The Elder: The Elder fight is one big dps check. Luckily, we have excellent dps. Kill the adds before they can spread decay. Stand in the center of the expanding circles to avoid the explosion. When tentacles start erupting from the ground, keep moving to avoid them. The shaper phase is easy, since Arc will chain between all the portals.

Uber Atziri: The Vaals are pretty easy. Try to spread the damage evenly if you can. Shock and freeze immunity helps keep you safe.

The first two members of the trio die almost instantly, due to Arc chaining between all three of them. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to choose which member you will face last. If you end up facing A'alai (aka titty bitch), don't stand in the rain. Also don't stand in the degen. You have amazing damage and it will all be over in a few seconds.

Uber Atziri is just regular Atziri, but everything one-shots you. The split phase dies instantly with Arc chaining between all the clones. Minimal dodging is required during the solo phase, but the damage is good enough to get to the next phase fairly quickly. Don't stand in any circles.

Uber Atziri flask setup: Double mana flasks for mana and a bleed removal flask for trio and spears.

Vaal Temple: I ran a twinned Vaal Temple with more monster life and the boss died in under 10 seconds. Pretty much the same as the Uber trio. Don't stand in the rain, don't stand in the degen. Adds can continue to spawn after the boss dies, so don't get too greedy picking up loot.

Uber Elder: This fight is a mess, combining the Shaper and Elder fights into one crazy encounter. Try to focus on dodging over dealing damage. Place a mine or two when you find an opportunity, but don't overcommit. Either Shaper and Elder will be immune to damage, so target the one that isn't currently immune. The Elder's slow is annoying for any build that doesn't use Kaom's Roots, but with a Quicksilver active we have enough movement speed to dodge the Shaper's balls even while slowed. It's the hardest fight in the game, but if I could do it on a laggy setup with pre-buff Arc, I'm sure you can beat the fight as well. Good luck.

Uber Elder flask setup: Same as Shaper.

Archived Characters
3.2 Bestiary



Weapon Swap:


3.2 passive tree
Character name: ShinyArcamine
3.3 Incursion



Weapon Swap:


3.3 passive tree
Character name: ArcoticsAnonymous
3.4 Delve



3.4 passive tree
Character name: BattleForAzurite
3.5 Betrayal


3.5 passive tree
Character name: Zoroarc
Wow! You made it all the way to the end. Thank you so much for reading my guide. If you have any questions about the build, I'd be happy to help.
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Last bumped on Mar 16, 2019, 3:05:17 PM
Subed, thx for the build, thinking to go for arc mines in 3.3.
Dumb question, but I'm assuming this build will also work for non low life?
ghostfox1 wrote:
Dumb question, but I'm assuming this build will also work for non low life?

The budget / hybrid version in the Path of Building section doesn't require low life. It's intended to be a usable setup until you can acquire the required gear to go low life.

If you just want to play a life version and never plan on going low life, you could try a Mind over Matter setup. There should be some builds for Mind Over Matter Shimmeron miner on the forum. You can also play a Mind Over Matter version and respec to low life later.

basic MoM Shimmeron tree (96 points)

How do I toggle the "Always Attack Without Moving" feature?
apratimdas wrote:
How do I toggle the "Always Attack Without Moving" feature?

Click on the skill on your skillbar. A menu will pop up with an "Always Attack Without Moving" option. Click the square to toggle it on or off.
Last edited by alolamola on Jun 1, 2018, 7:10:27 PM
alolamola wrote:
apratimdas wrote:
How do I toggle the "Always Attack Without Moving" feature?

Click on the skill on your skillbar. A menu will pop up with an "Always Attack Without Moving" option. Click the square to toggle it on or off.

why exacly mines instead of traps, arent traps better at clearing speed?
could u elaborate a bit on ur choice and highlight the biggest difference ?
Last edited by Paulomat on Jun 2, 2018, 5:30:27 AM
Paulomat wrote:
why exacly mines instead of traps, arent traps better at clearing speed?
could u elaborate a bit on ur choice and highlight the biggest difference ?

Remote Mine Support gives us a 49% more damage multiplier. Trap Support no longer has a more multiplier in 3.3. Using mines over traps will give us much more damage.

Traps only clear faster than mines for AoE skills such as Vortex or Shock Nova that don't auto-target and thus require miners to place mines directly in the middle of packs. Arc automatically targets enemies from a distance, so there's no significant clear speed advantage to using traps. I would argue that miners can clear slightly faster because trappers need to take a split second to aim their trap throws.
can you use Inpulsa's Broken Heart Sadist Garb?? or is the low life better ?

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