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Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

As much as I don't want to sound like I'm beating on GGG, I agree with this decision.

With all due respect, the idea for Bestiary was actually great - turning monsters into items is exactly the sort of thing I'd expect in a harsh place like Wraeclast. The problem wasn't so much the idea, but the implementation: the mechanics required far too much micromanagement.

If the mechanics were simplified, this might have been more successful as a league.
I need to say GGG with a bit brain use - everyone can see, that you guys have much work into this beastiary league and maybe it hurts that the league is not welcome for most of the players in the core game... and maybe for you guys to?!

But in my opinon it was the right choice to keep beastiary away from the core game.

just my two cents
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Yay. No really. Yay.

You guys rock.
Bestiary was fun and different, but I agree that it would have been bad to keep it. The Bestiary crafting system really only benefits the absolute top players (I never got anything of value from it despite being a leaderboard player). It's too tedious to make anyone but the most invested players want to play the mechanics and takes a lot away from the fun of the game: killing monsters.

I'm here to clear content, not to sit in the menagerie to figure out what monsters I need to complete a recipe I don't really have a use for.

That and tossing nets to screw with dangerous monsters is really not that fun.
So good to see it go. You wont be miss stupid beast!!!
If I go first, I'll wait for you in the other side of the dark water.
I am gonna miss prophecy recipes :( .only recipe ı use constantly and make good currency out of it.
Good decision, now, can we have the 3 beacheads as an unique map inside the atlas?
Good decision, but would like to see Einhar Frey armor set sold in the store.
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Aw, I liked it once I got the hang of it.

Please bring Einhar into the game as an NPC at least! Maybe Tora could use an assistant?

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