Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

Beastcrafting was like mastercrafting, except less accessible, much more complex, and way more tedious to micromanage. Although the reason I love PoE is the complexity, I for one am glad that Bestiary won't be included in the core package.
The amount of work that went into the bestiary was observable though, so this shouldn't put you guys off of putting similar work on next content.

My 2c to take away from this:
Keep the bestiary rare mob mods, the game is getting too easy with the power creep, except some final encounters.
Put some similar work into getting the forsaken master content up-to-date.
Bit sad honestly, it had a lot of interesting features and I'm gonna be pretty sad to lose the aspect skills in particular.
Slow clap
Terrible decision imo; this will certainly affect my decision on the next league supporter pack. Abandoning bestiary this hard most likely due to the initial player drop off during the early stages of the league before the many fixes and better crafting recipes being added just goes to show how spineless the decision making is here.
This is definitely the wrong decision but I'm not surprised a vocal minority at reddit made you guys feel this way.
My Keystone Ideas:
That's too bad, but I understand the reasoning at least.
Good! Bestiary is terrible.
I quit this league on Day 1 as I did not like the mechanics of capturing beasts or beastcrafting, but I did follow the progress of this league and what content was added. While I am glad to see that the content is not being added to the core game, I do feel the Bestiary rares and bosses could be kept as rarer but difficult encounters (maybe red Bestiary rares spawn 1 in 20 maps?). Can maybe give the Bestiary rares a chance to drop map fragments (similar to Atziri or Shaper fragments) which can then be combined in the map device to encounter the Bestiary bosses. Just a suggestion on how to keep the good content of the league that did fit with the game and genre while leaving out the content that didn't.

But if it was up to me I would still have the Yellow beasts spawn randomly, because loot.

And I would still have Red beasts spawn randomly, because fun challenge.
I donno I really tried to like it . Played a slower style build, but the menagerie was buggy as hell and I soon realized that my crafting time in the menagerie was way better spent in regular gameplay. Looking forward to the next thing! and tryin to stay alive in ssf hc event.

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