Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

What about my bro Einhar. Why not make Einhar a Master and capturing beasts the missions.
Music to my ears. I will play again! I literally left when Bestiary launched. Had the opposite effect it should have had.
Great decision making. I really enjoyed many aspects of Bestiary, but introducing a friend to the game this league was difficult. Just too much to learn about Bestiary alongside the core game for new players.
Omg thag is so surprising and amazing!
Very upset to see you caving in like this. Losing the Aspects and the uniques is really not fun, nor good for the game IMO.
anubite wrote:
This is definitely the wrong decision but I'm not surprised a vocal minority at reddit made you guys feel this way.

It is silly to think they used that as the source of information for making the decision.

Far more likely they looked at:

- average # players in the league

- player retention period in the league

- money spent by playerbase during the league

Abyss and Beastiary were the 1st two leagues where I did not spend any money on this game. Why should I if I don't like it? Doubt if I am the only one and I am pretty sure GGG noticed.
I am sad to see so much work shelved, especially when the fixes made a few weeks in were great. I wonder if it had started out strong (post fixes) it might have caught on with the masses?

I did enjoy the new tough yellow/red mobs. Always had to prepare to fight them. Hope to see more of that kind of thing.

And please for the love of god add back in a new way to get Horizon orbs. It is literally the only way i can complete the atlas without buying maps off people!

Lastly. Please please please do not make the next league have FULL RNG end game bosses I can't grind for. That is the single best thing about Breach. Given enough time anyone can work their way to the cool bosses. Same with Harby. But Bestiary? I have only seen one boss fight in 2.5 months having worked all the way to T15 maps. Very frustrating! I want to fight them! I do NOT want to have to trade for their orbs. Should not have to do that in a game.

Keep doing what you do. Love GGG. I have given more thousands of dollars to you than damn near anything I can think of.
Ahh, i will miss those stupid beasts
The net catching mechanic is what I like least about bestiary. I like the idea of catching beasts and collecting them. Even as an extra feature, that alone would be neat to pair alongside a way of seeing/meeting every beast in the game. I had distance issues and sometimes I would throw a net and it would not go off at all.

I can understand the challenge in constantly having to balance the recipes. Some of them are stong and the ease of making uniques was quite a luxury to have.

Keep trying new stuff! I'm super happy to see how much of a learning experience Beastiary league was for the community and developers. :)

I would like to see more difficult mobs like red beasts in the game. They were a good challenge and the rewards were nice sometimes for defeating them.
Achievement hunter!
I respect the decision. Thanks for being transparent and I am truly looking forward to the 3.3 changes. Thanks ggg <3
replace my blood with Endless Ledge

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