Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

great scotts

what about all my birds n shit or w/e ppl threw nets at for 3months?
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How will we obtain Bestiary uniques going forward?
Oh wow. I was sure you'd retain it so as not to waste all that effort, but this seems a lot better for the game. Thank you!
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Was hoping to atleast retain the monsters and the challenges that came with them, even if the rest of bestiary goes.
Bestiary was a wild idea, it might be fun for some, but for me the capture mechanic combined with layers of RNG was a big turnoff.

I do hope GGG will continue to take risks like this, because it might turn out to be good.

Thats the good part about leagues, test something new and crazy, if people like it and if it feels good, add it to the core game.

I feel that harbringers should be as regular as abysses tbh.
thanks for abandoning it, it sucked.
And Ash Ketchum hangs his hat up :-(
A shame but understandable.
I like the new uniques + buffs, and quite a lot of the crafting recipes. I hope those will come back in some form.
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Glad and disappointed. Wanted more 3 white socket mirror tier items, but that was about it. Too clunky to make it worth though. Good discretion guys!
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Right call. Bestiary is trash.

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