Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

Sad, I didn't even get to make a meme sword.
May all your rings be unique
I think, in the long run, that this is a good decision.
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Capturing every monster is definitely too much because youd feel bad missing things but it would be cool to find red monsters and have the chance to fight the first ones in future.
Cutting it right down wouldn't require a menagerie and it would be an exciting random event to find a red beast in maps!
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Haters gonna hate. Thanks for Bestiary, would've loved to see it in the core game and am disappointed. Still, nothing I wouldn't have seen coming since everybody was crying "I just wanna kill stuff mindlessly" from the get go.
Nice, never beast again
Thank fuck. No micromanaging nets in our beloved 3.3 Breach remake.
wtf is this

enough QQ from the redditfucks?

GJ KIDS i had nothing against u although i heard "f reddit" very often

now i hate u with all my heart, u stole mah beasts but praise that abomination abyss

This is why I throw money at you!

I love that the development team can try something new without it having to impact the game forever. This wasn't anywhere close to my favorite league, and I won't be the least bit sad to see it all go, but I don't mind when GGG does something different to spice things up.
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I'm glad the decision went this way because dealing with this in the base game is part of the reason I'm not interested in playing flashback at all because its still in it.

It would have been the end of path for me with this in the base game. Now lets hope next league is a return to something decent because 4 in a row being shit would be not good.
Was I spoiled by imprinting? Maybe, but for how hard it is to get a GG base, eternal orbs should at least be brought back in some form if we can no longer imprint.

I should add, maybe not the menagerie and beastcrafting how it was, but beastcrafts like changing a random suffix into a random prefix, or prefix into suffix, felt like a perfect addition to the game. The way you obtain those crafts could definitely be changed. I can easily see them going into the form of an orb or altar.

Aside from that, I do think this is a bad decision. With Flashback starting mid-league and now this announcement, sounds like you guys listened to the "Bestiary sucks" bandwagon meme that began from people who played the league for 1 day before beastcrafting had even been fixed.

From the beginning I felt like Bestiary was just a beta test for beastcrafting due to the mid-league changes, but hearing you're about to just drop it entirely sounds pretty ridiculous.
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