Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

if the beasts were auto captured on death or dropped mats it wouldn't have been that bad aside from some of them being too tanky.
Praise God! Thanks.
Bestiary was for me not that good.
all those sophiscated Arts, Texts, Menageries ... one of the biggest updates in PoE history, will be dumped after 3 months. I hate to say this but ... what a waste, man. At least salvage some for the core game!
I'm just going to say it. Bestiary league sucked. I can't even find a good way to say it. Better luck for the next leagues.
The First Ones are pleased!
Wish bestiary was staying. Had great impacts on crafting.
Well that's disappointing to hear.
Very disappointing.
I am disappointed. The recipes were where this league shined.

The crafting mechanics given by Beast recipes actually made it seem as if a semi-casual player could try to craft something without needing a stash of exalts the side of a mountain. Many of the recipes were decent aids for low level boosts.

Loosing them is a bit like Toys-R-Us going bankrupt

So farewell, Einhar. You have been fired, you stupid beastmaster. Sorry to see you go.
OMEGALUL Bestiary was sooooo good, 1000 hours btw OMEGALUL

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