Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

please dont add any of this to the game it's only going to confuse new players and it's garbage and the league was the worst league we've ever had plz get rid of this shit
Mixed feelings for me. On the one hand i really disliked the capturing mechanics, and the interface made it effortlessly into my top 3 worst UIs of all time (not because "ugly", but because "overloaded, organisation based on highly unintuitive categories"). On the other hand the fights themselves and the crafting were interesting.

I hope GGG still keeps trying new things, but improves on the presentation of their ideas. The question "How will a real PoE-player interact with a new mechanic or system?" deserves more attention than in the past imo.
dedadadadedoodoodoo is all i want to say to you
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thefacefixer wrote:
all those sophiscated Arts, Texts, Menageries ... one of the biggest updates in PoE history, will be dumped after 3 months. I hate to say this but ... what a waste, man. At least salvage some for the core game!

I feel the same. They put a lot of effort into this, and all people did was ask where the loot was.
I must let you know that you guys made the right choice. I know that it wasn't hard at all; I'm willing to bet you probably put more effort (as well as resources) into Bestiary League than any other league that has come before; and in the end, unlike previous leagues, this won't have any reusable value added to the game.

That can be a very bitter pill to swallow.

However, there's a virtue to recognizing mistakes; and while it had some cool concepts, at least as it turned out in practice, Bestiary was a mistake. You weren't bad designers for trying; sometimes things must be tried out in the real-world to tell whether you've got a hit or a flop on your hands.

Going forward, there's still some things to gain from this, ways to make sure that the game, and more importantly Grinding Gear Games, are better and smarter than before Bestiary League launched. Please do remember that the day you stop thinking you have any room for improvement is the day you cease growing. And it's okay to make mistakes; your community is VERY understanding.

As for the minority who're decrying the choice: no, GGG didn't "cave" to any vocal group, unless you're using the term "vocal group" to refer to, y'know, the facts. In terms of the initial player peak, Bestiary had far fewer players than either Abyss or Harbinger... And also saw a much quicker decline as people gave up on playing: while it's NORMAL to lose a majority of the players by that point, Bestiary has dropped down to barely over 20% of its peak; prior leagues ranged from 30-40%. Fewer players sticking around means less people to spend money buying supporter packs... Which means the game gets in danger of shriveling up and dying.

GGG made the right choice here, simply put.
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Oh well; it was fun while it lasted. I agree with the general idea, if we added every single league to core it would quickly turn into a clusterfuck. I was hoping for at least some parts to make it; the beastcrafting and Aspect skills are cool. Maybe divination cards for the latter?

I really hope that the decision was made after careful consideration, and was not influenced by the outrageous whining coming from these forums.
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Translation: Because one button players and clear speed meta players can't hack beasts and table flipped lowering the peak players in the first two weeks GGG has decided to abandon slower players or gamers who can actually game and want challenging fights instead of Lawn mowing simulator.

It was entertaining seeing Chris Wilson groveling for the clear speeders to come back. I never thought a guy like him could sell out to the degree he did.

The Chris Wilson I respected: "The thing I regret most was putting loot allocation in and making the game less cutthroat"

The new 100% sell out Chris Wilson: "oh please clear speeders come back I promise all future leagues will be stupid mob density loot pinatas that wont require pressing more than 1 button"

Sad af but money can make the best of men turn into spineless grovelers.
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This is extremely disappointing. I really liked the mechanic.
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Pleeeeeaaaaasssssse keep Einhar

Consider adding some of the beast crafting recipes to either prophecies or master crafting, or at least allow for similar effects somehow.

P.S. I'm a slow-as-fuck player and I couldn't tolerate the league... so your idea that only the speed players didn't like it is wrong. There were many many reasons this league failed and interrupting speed play was only one of them.
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How to: Fix a "I hate that league"

Make a new currency "Add a remoir from the past to a map" AKA:Add any league mod to a map.
0,1% chance to drop a trinket "Like in legacy"
Equip trinket to get a "10% chance of a mod to spawn"

Favourite leagues so far.

Perandus "I love that rich MF"
Talisman "I had only 4 tabs at that time" still loved it.
Ambush "I love boxes"
Harbinger "I love blue stuff"

But what I got?
Shitty "Play the same build as all do."

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