Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

Glad to hear it.

Honestly, I would've liked bestiary better if it was a case of gaining rewards as you filled it out, i.e. helping Einjar fill his menagerie, but not directly able to craft items (which to me just feels like extra hoops in a mashup of the master/essence systems). I would also have liked (similar to essence) fighting beasts to be more optional, or even for there to be a drop/consumable you could apply to avoid fighting beasts in a particular zone/map.

Thank you!
Very good news.

It's just a pain to keep track of all the beasts you have and which one is valuable and to sell.
I am very sad to hear this. While the Bestiary league felt more like a beta test than a temp league, the mechanic itself certainly had a lot of merit to it.

Caring for something else than layout and divination card drops when choosing you maps was definitely a welcome change and an avenue that I hope GGG keeps exploring.
A bit disappointing. Can't have 90% skippable Bestiary but can have 100% mandatory Labyrinth?
Good decision. Thanks
I loved Bestiary, but I don't think it was a great fit to be merged in as a permanent part of the game.

I think, for something to be merged in, it needs to be possible to shrink it down to being a small thing rather than dominating the game. e.g. Abysses, we only see them in Act 6 onwards, and not that often. Breaches, only in maps, and again not that often.

How would that work with Bestiary? Would take massive surgery, e.g. removing all capturing of non-yellow/red beasts and rewriting recipes to only use those.

Similar to how Perandus coins and chests didn't make the main game - if you make a Perandus chest an occasional thing like an Abyss or Breach, how does anyone ever gather enough coins to buy something when Cadiro pops up?

TL;DR - Bestiary was a great league, but not a great mechanic to make permanent.
Dahaur wrote:
A bit disappointing. Can't have 90% skippable Bestiary but can have 100% mandatory Labyrinth?

Labyrinth was never a league mechanic. It's not even designed in a way that would have allowed it to be. As a concept it's far more of a core game feature than some extra mobs and an unnecessary crafting system.
Let's put it this way: it was a nice experiment, let's hope for a future bestiary 2.0 that fixes all the issues...
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