Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

thank god, GGG listens to the community when everybody say that bestiary league is a failure.
next step should probably be the method to access to the uber elder.
the uber elder fight should be difficult itself and not meant to be completed by all players, but making the access to the fight a matter of rng is bad design
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just #bringbackleaguestones
As a whole I think the league was refreshing, although the nets themselves could have been done differently. Maybe just 1 net? It seemed like a lot to have to trade up all the time and it might have made it more fluid in general, alongside buying them from the master at better prices as to not have to pick them up all the time.

The uniques and the master are at least worth working in, even if its in a very low key way. I did honestly enjoy the league. My only problem was how rare it really was to find the beasts worth catching. I know all the best things in path are really up to rng but having such practical and useful items always seeming just out of reach can be frustrating sometimes. I want to remember the time I got the drop, as opposed to just farming for the currency and never really getting a shot at the boss you know? Abyss was fun once you had a better chance at finding a lich. It was an improvement to the league mechanic all together.

The first time I ever played was back when vaal was new and I am still amazed by how much it changed, and how much has been added by the time I rediscovered it during harbinger. This game can only get better as long as the developers continue to try new things and really do what they think will be best for the game as a whole. I support the decision because they truly know the work that was put in, and the upkeep it would take to continue could potentially detract from future leagues. Do your thing ggg can't wait to see whats next!
thanks grinding games gods.

lol at those crying about worstiary goes away and having 0-10 challenges in league
Trapping and raising your own beast would be marvelous. But I understand that even AAA devs can't keep up with adjusting existing weapon skins on 6 more weapons every 4 months so adjusting entiriety of the game's monster population is an impossible almost task. And it adds up exponentially with every new addition to the game. They would need to hire new people just to mantain this content. I'm far from prasing the devs blindly (mostly because overpriced MKT by around 30%) but this appears to be a reasonable choice. Hope they get more of the content in closed system like part 3 of the campaign if it ever realeases.

Sadly I did not play this season so probably this part of the game will be lost forever for me.
Thank goodness, thought necro nets would be in the game forever. Just didn't feel in the spirit of the game. Complete turned me off from the rest of the league.
Wow, disappointing. I didn't get a chance to play bestiary. I was looking forward to it coming to the core game. Is there still enough weeks left to get any enjoyment out of it?
As someone mentioned Einhar need s to be master and giving him a crafting bench for the recipes. this would immensely help SSF player's
Mad props for having the balls to do this. Now if I only knew how to price
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Einhar as master could be great idea. It just needs to some work obviously to get it work properly.
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