Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

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While this league wasn't my favorite, I will definitely miss Einhar and hope one day he might be reworked as a Forsaken Master or something with a similar function (such as Navali).
this seems to be a good decision, I think it is more meaningful to use ressources for improving the game in general rather than for maintaining the bestiary elements in the game
Well I don't agree with any of the points. And as a standard player, I'm disappointed to not being able to play the mechanics with my other characters.

Qarl wrote:

[li]We would have to support the interface and the Menagerie going forward. These are big additions in the game, and would require constant changes and attention to work with any new features added to the game.[/li]

You sort of imply that the game is already so full of things, that adding more is decreasing its value...

Qarl wrote:

[li]Bestiary is very different to the core game, which means we need to keep all the tutorial elements. We looked at the new player experience where we have to explain the core game, past league elements, and whatever current league is running, and we did not want to add Bestiary permanently into that mix.[/li]

Then why not enable it after Zana is rescued? I mean: have Einhar spawn on the coast only when the prerequisite is met.

Qarl wrote:

[li]The crafting results and inputs would need constant balancing and iteration to remain relevant. The levelling item crafting is already handled by other simpler crafting methods. The more complex and high-value crafting was used by some players, but it uses design space we think we could serve better with other mechanics in the future.[/li]

Irrelevant recipes don't cause harm. OP recipes can be disabled or toned down.

To me, Bestiary was really intended to be rolled into core, and it was possibly the league that was most successful at making Wraeclast more like a virtual world.
But since most of the community didn't like it because it was slowing the clearspeed meta, GGG made up some excuse to throw it away.

To all players that go into maps within 48 hours from the start of the league: I hate you.
Also: you probably hate yourself as well.
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Astealoth wrote:
I really disliked bestiary, I think it was way too convoluted. It would have been so much better if it was jst simpler. Do away with nets entirely, what was the point of that? Just a slop mechanic that should have been cut in the design phase. What the actual F was that crafting system? Rare beasts can't just drop items and item parts? The menagerie could have been done better in like an art book style menu like most in game bestiaries. Whoever wrote up the design docs on bestiary league couldn't see the forest through the trees. It could have been really good and worthy of being part of the core game.

A very good point here!
This league was the worst thing in the history of POE.
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Good call GGG.
Glad to hear it!

Although I appreciate the valiant effort, Bestiary has been my least favorite league in the history of the game. Too much micro-managing and tricky strategy made it distracting instead of bolstering to the core game.

I really do not want to take for granted the development effort that went into it though -- it may not have been the biggest win, but it's better to go big than not go for it at all.

I also didn't like how shady Einhar was... the "stupid beast" thing was LOL at first but began to feel kinda mean... especially when the beast got the better of me LOL!
Good decision, Bestiary was too obfuscated and confusing. The menagerie is completely unnecessary, as is the limit on captured beasts, the recipes are mostly useless and inferior to other methods, the bestiary book is not helpful...

Simply put, Bestiary is a confusing mess that badly fits into the game. Rest in RIP.
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Back to the Clear Speed Meta, folks. /yawns

I had some fun in Bestiary. I think it appeals to players like me who didnt care to be elite in the game. Who simply enjoys exploring and finding new elements.

I loved big changes to the game and had hoped that they would retain some elements of Bestiary in the core. Either way, it's gonna be /yawns for me.

I hope they do something abt Forsaken Masters grind and trading. Or its byebye because the game isn't going in the direction that I had thought it would go.

... who cares abt clear speed /meh

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