Bestiary as a Core Game Mechanic

I would've bet it was going core, at least some of it... but you made the right call imho.
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I dont like that decision, i would like Bestiary to go Core.
I had fun with Bestiary as it offered an interesting change of pace, but I'm glad it's coming to a close and not integrating with the main game. The act of capturing beasts is way too neurotic, and keeping a constant lookout to identify beasts is even more so. The whole process distracts from the core gameplay of PoE that makes PoE fun.
I'm glad to see it go the way of the Dodo, though I'm sad that the Dodo went the way it did.

Keep taking the occasional risks on the new stuff though.
For me and my friend (we know IRL, we finish 40 challenge almost every league but 3.2), the reasons we skip 3.2 are not just bestiary system, also the map drop rate(which raised later time but was too late) also vault map(the pile at the boss room are garbage now), killed sextant block and Bisco why... still little mad about those until now .
I find the bestiary as a welcomed, albeit different mechanic that would be a little bit refreshing, especially to the low levels and new players coming into the game.
Since a lot of people seem to mention the ARPG in the comments I believe games evolve and gameplay's change to accommodate the players and interest groups.

That being said, considering we now have a flashback event and we can be reminded of the mechanics we missed or forgot about, we can compare them ( for example, harbingers) with bestiary.
Plain loot pinata vs something a little bit more. Old vs Modern.

To me, Bestiary felt like breathing something new in a very old game, even standard would feel refreshing to play and "different".
Without it, PoE is the same PoE from 4-5 years ago.
Is that a good thing?

Dunno, time and players will tell.
Disapprove. At least find a way to add the boss uniques and the aspect crafts back into the game.

i would love to see affixes being introduced somehow (maybe new essences for aspect skills sth like taht)
I'm disappointed to read this. It seems you prefer to throw away everything instead of trying to improve what was done.
Despite its shortcomings, I personally liked Bestiary for the colors and depth it added to the world and for the additional but different way to compensate bad RNG it provided to the players. Plus, it was fun, and a welcome distraction from the grind !

But I'll cling to your "for now" and try to suggest a few improvements:

• Bestiary has its detractors and is too costly to maintain regarding to tutorials ? It should be simpler and less "in your face", so people can ignore it if they prefer, then use it whan they are ready to learn it.
• "New recipe unlocked" notification is too intrusive ? Use a in-game chat notification and/or the same kind of notification for when a friend logs in or off, telling the player "New recipe <title of recipe> unlocked!". You already have the UI for it.
• Net use is a hassle ? Make capture automatic if the player manages to kill the monster for the first time (so it makes her progress towards bestiary completion), and then automatic only if the player decides so, or always failed if the player decides he doesn't want this monster (see my next two suggestions). You could require the player to have a net of the appropriate level in her inventory, but I feel it isn't necessary.
• Too much recipes to remember ? Besides each recipe, add a checkbox "I want to craft this recipe" ; then, monsters will be captured only for recipes the player wants. This won't clutter her menagery with unworthy monsters.
• Menagery real estate is limited ? Instead of a binary checkbox "I want to craft this recipe", put a number picking widget "I want to craft this recipe X times" ; default value "1", and allowing the choice "As many as I have room for".
• If nets disappear, what use for poor Einhar ? Well, make Einhar sell some Orbs containing specific monsters at a set price depending on their level/rarity (his vendor inventory would reset at each new level, like town vendors), so people have at least an additional way to get them if they are unlucky with encountering those monsters in the wild. Plus, he's already a quest giver, too !
• Menagery map is too wide ? Reduce it to the Altar, Einhar, stash and waypoint. When you have the time, create some Einhar-specific hideouts decorations which would allow players to display a specific already captured monster in their hideout for show (random currently in bestiary, or player's choice if the monster has already been captured at least once -even if it has already been used for a craft). You could make those mtx if you like.
• UI is clunky ? Yes, it surely could be improved. But if you make the core mechanic simpler, UI will be less of a hassle, so you can revamp it when you have time, and not as a requirement for players to use the Bestiary mechanic.
• As for balance ... well, I guess it'll always be your lot each time you add content. Will you then stop adding content ? ;)

Anyway, thanks for this experience, and for telling us in advance so we can make the most of Bestiary until the end of the month.
I was waiting for this manifesto just to write my first ever non-trade comment in forums. THANK GOD it's not going core. Was "fun" playing as a league, but it's great not to be one-shot by a fucking airstrike red beast for the rest of my POE career.

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