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totem build.



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I did it... defeated Uber Elder using this build. It can be done.
Much easier than i imagined actually.
Died 4 times, but it's actually my first time fighting uber elder ever so all those deaths were just ignorance.
So with practice, can be done deathless.

5,096 Life
420 ES
3,138 Mana
40% MoM
92,729.3 unbuffed Freezing Pulse paper dps (x4)
Flame Dash / Phase Run mobility
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I've looted a new weapon, and I really can't tell if it's better than my current one or not.

Basically it's got less spell damage, but it has crit multiplier which my current weapon lacks.

My current weapon :

The one I've dropped :

It'd also make me loose some mana, but it's a sceptre so I'd gain shield charge...
2 for 2 against Uber Elder, one less death on the second one.

edit: deathless on the 3rd.
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Would you mind posting a 3.4 PoB pastebin please? The one listed isn't current and has empty spot when imported into PoB. Thank you very much.
Second Option: Dual wield Shimmeron
Shimmeron got change in 3.4, we now also take the Lightning Damage per second, which was reduced to 200 per second. With 2 Shimmerons and 75% Lightning resistance, that's 100 damage per second. That's something we can outheal, but of course it makes us less durable when we suffer consistent damage from other sources.

false (by lack of pressision) ...

it is 100 dmg BY power charge (https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Shimmeron)

so min 300 max 600 dmg / sec according to number of power charge you may have

300 take out all our regen, 600 feel like RF when u can't sustain.

Do you have try with other weapon setup ?

like Sire of chards(delve utility), Disintegrator( flat phys spell + physical to ligtning + Gain 4% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage per Siphoning Charge or the grey spyre (+300% glboal dmg) ?
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How do we know the pandemonius is better than the halcyon?
wow ... newbie here and ... what a guide!!! i mean all is there in a simple way without too much things said to scared the new gamer :p :p and just enough to want to try it congrats !!!!

Hey so quick question, what is the point of Frost Bomb at end game? I see in the FAQ's that dps is often low due to people forgetting Frost Bomb. I thought that once you have Ancestral Bond (which you get somewhat early) you can no longer deal damage yourself.
after ice shot ranger i rerolled this class and build and feels like game 10x easier now OMEGALUL thx for guide this class so broken

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