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Sunder and smite in my boots for leveling to sell. HoGM I done this league and betrayal, not deathless but done.
3.7 Update

The patchnotes for 3.7 were huge. But our build managed to go pretty much untouched with all the melee reworks, ascendancy changes and ES + Warlords Marks nerfs.

One of the biggest changes is that Freezing Pulse projectile will no longer get stuck in doors! Yay! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJ5nWbJ2jB8&feature=youtu.be

Biggest change will be the new largely reworked skilltree. Unfortunately I don't have the time to update the PoB, but at first glance there are not any new nodes that really stand out for us. Mind over matter got the increased mana nodes taken away (thats a nerf I guess), so you should pickup one or two other mana clusters. (Soul Siphon and/or Righteous Decree)

I hope you will all enjoy the leaguestart and I will be back on Monday or Tuesday.
i like play totem. In Q&A post GGG said to tag frozen enemies we must deal certain amount of damage and attack next target. Totem do it automaticaly. Of course sometimes be too many enemies tagged to handle, but I think "totemist" will have a lot of fun in Legion league
Currently League-starting with this build, just hit maps and started to MF with it, definitely a good pick for 1st build of the league.

DPS is pretty solid after getting a tabula, though I ran a 3-Link +1 scepter from acts 1-10 just fine and the only real "issue" is that I'm a bit squishy whilst mapping due to the MF, easily solved by just using proper gear if you don't want to MF.

Highly recommend using these boots or the upgraded "Omeyocan" version, the mana loss isn't an issue after getting your 2nd Ascendancy and it's a free permanent onslaught buff.
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Hi, is there a link skilltrees ver.3.7?
Great build, switched to this in Standard when I dumped Synthesis. Legion not appealing to me either so would like to continue same character. Any estimate on an ETA for an updated POB/tree? I don't trust my planning skills to do it right and am going through POE withdrawal!
guys, on POB is the calculated dps per projectile?
i mean, do we multiply that for 25 (5 proj on 5 totems)?
This build has been really fun, I just recently got back into POE. I have a question regarding the frost bomb gem link and the Projectile weakness gem link.

RE: Frost bomb, should frost bomb trigger phase run when fired off?
RE: Projectile weakness is it supposed to be triggering Vaal Haste?

The reason I ask is because I can't seem to get the projectile weakness and Vaal Haste to work, and Im assuming the same issue is affecting frost bomb and phase run.

Maybe it's a gem order thing? Or do they just have to be cast individually?
@EmmSquared no those arent supposed to trigger one another.
I made a different setup with Frost Bomb - Projectile Weakness - Curse on Hit, and thats how i curse enemies, drop FB and its explosion curses everyone hit

But im just lazy, i dont like pressing lots of things so take it with a grain of salt
Is there a updated Tree for this ?

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