[3.7] Freezing Pulse Totem Hierophant | Cheap, Starter, Guide, Guardians, Shaper

For passive tree You can look into my character xMAREK_PLx on standard. Mouseover DPS in city is 123k, hideout mouseover with 4 totem and golem 182k. It is an example, this build is very flexible. You can choose more survi or more DPS nodes. Without Mark of the Shaper ring setup is easier reach max resistance. I play with this tree in Legion, for now work fine. I start with selfcast frezing pulse and swith on spell totem with first 4l gear and Ancestral Bond. Have fun.
anyone done uber elder with this build? is it viable?
I'm getting ready to do Shaper,then Uber. I have already done red elder deathless,don't see why Uber wouldn't be viable with the right gear.
menides wrote:
anyone done uber elder with this build? is it viable?

I did it today (character Vathrizto). It was my first time fighting uber elder. Died 3 times, 2 of those to the slam.

My gear isnt cheap but its nothing crazy. The 6 linked soulmantle was 3ex and the pandemonium was 3ex. Everything else was 20/25c tops with terrible life rolls. In fact, i don't even have a lot of the gems in the guide and my wep is trash.

Prob the best build I have ever played for the price. Even before 6 link chest and pandemonium the build was already amazing. Thanks OP for the guide
Will use this as my 3.8 starter build... should be fun with all the Tower Defense :)
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Most certainly my starter build in 3.8 (and probably my only build)... Seems very convenient for Blight fights : have the totems do the job while you are manipulating towers...

We might need to rethink the Tree tho, as the crit nodes near the Shado area might be "re-worked" with all the incoming poison stuff...
Hey guys. Freezing Pulse Totems is looking really good for the upcoming league mechanic.

There has been another really good guide made for Freezing Pulse Totems, which is very similar to mine and has a more ongoing actual discussion. It seems he will update his guide for 3.8.


Therefore I will discontinue this guide. Thank you all for your participation.
sorry to see you stop this post. you did a GREAT job and made the game fun again for me for quite a few leagues. Thank you again and good luck.

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