3.10 - Uniting Wraeclast - Duo Builds


It's dangerous to go alone, so bring a friend!

Are you tired of trying to survive in the brutal lands of Wraeclast by yourself?

Have you ever spent 10 hours in Path of Building min-maxing the dopest build only to realize that you need to use 2 unset rings and a weapon swap just to fit in all the skill gems required?

Do you want to play POE with friends where nobody has to play a dedicated support character to boost the effectiveness of the other players?

Uniting Wraeclast is here to bring you builds that are not only capable of playing solo, but synergize together to become even more powerful when played with their counterpart builds. Another goal of ours is to take non-meta skills and come up with creative ways to make them shine when combined with another player.

Most builds are created to be budget friendly with end-game scaling. We both play in the Softcore leagues but most, if not all builds, are capable of being adopted to Hardcore.

Youtube Channel 1 (most VoDs here)
Youtube Channel 2

3.10 - Blade Blade Blasting - Blade Blast + Cyclone CoC Bladefall
Blade Blast + Cyclone CoC Bladefall

As soon as we saw the new Blade Blast teaser we immediately saw the potential for a fun and extremely powerful new duo combination. Bladefall places 9 blades/cast with Spell Cascade (15 with Awakened!) allowing the Blade Blaster to nuke out a full 50 blade blast at least once per second. The builds are converted almost entirely to Fire to take full advantage of the multitude of debuffs available to fire damage (88% total increased damage taken from fire). Enemies are slowed, chilled, blinded, ignited, shocked, hindered, and on consecrated ground. Both players benefit from all 3 charges (power/frenzy/endurance), fortify, and dual curses.

Just to throw out some numbers, with a Tabula and absolutely trash gear, with 20/20 gems, Blade Blast is over 150k damage per blade. This is over 4.5m DPS since the cycloner can easily generate 50+ blades per second, assuming only 60% of them hit the boss. With good gear (15-20ex budget roughly) I expect to have over 500k damage per blade in the duo.

As an additional bonus for you hipsters out there, both of these builds are extremely original. One is going to be using the new Blade Blast and the other is a very different and unique twist on the pretty popular Cyclone CoC build.

We're going to be playing our characters for the 3.10 league start so should be able to get the guides up fairly early on in the league. We're super excited about this one, hopefully Bladefalls FPS issues don't kill it before it gets off the ground!

3.9 - Viper Strike + Cobra Lash
This turned out way better than expected. Herald of Agony can carry you through leveling if you have bad weapon RNG and once you get a Wasp Nest or similar dagger it's all over. The damage was extremely high and with your flasks up (almost 100% uptime as Pathfinder) you are very tanky. I was doing T8-10 maps in the low 70s with 4k life, no problems. Also the clear is amazing, Plaguebearer instantly kills all trash mobs so you clear as fast as you can whirl.

Currently only the Cobra Lash build is up. Putting together a good guide is a lot of work and I just haven't put in the time to finish my Viper Strike side of things yet. For now I suggest following this guide here: Ultimate Poison Pathfinder

Also here is the PoB for my planned end-game build as Viper Strike.

Here is the PoB for my character in Metamorph.

Cobra Lash Guide


3.2 - Drowning In Death
Volatile Dead/Corpse Generating Summoner

Corpses Fall, Suns Rise.


This combination revolves entirely around the Mistress of Sacrifice Necromancer Ascendancy node, specifically "2% increased Attack and Cast Speed for each corpse consumed recently". Normally this is a pretty minor damage boost as it's hard to both generate corpses, consume them, and kill monsters in the 4 second window...until 3.1 with the new corpse skills. With the help of your duo partner and Kitavas Thirst this build can explode a whopping 50+ corpses per second against a single target. This translates to 400% attack and cast speed from Spirit Eater, the only cap on your damage is how fast you can generate more corpses to explode (and your mana!).

Since your partner needs to be able to generate corpses for you they need a build that doesn't require an active offensive skill, for this reason a Summoner or Golemmancer is a good choice.

Click this link for Volatile Dead
Click this link for Summoner/Golemmancer

3.2 - Poison Party
Viper Strike/Ice Shot

This duo utilizes the new Assassin and Trickster Ascendancies to bring you that nostalgic feeling of how broken poison was in its glory days. This duo has extremely fast mapping utilizing Ice Shots AOE with Viper Strikes ridiculous single target damage. Bossing is extremely safe with the ability to use hit and run tactics while still keeping your damage high.

Viper Strike/Reave
Ice Shot/Barrage

Clearspeed Junkies
(link)Elemental Kinetic Blast/Elemental Spectral Throw

This duo is for all of you who are obsessed with deleting maps as quickly as possible. The Deadeye Wander provides Tailwind, Auras, and optionally The Gull helmet. The Scion wears the pants in this relationship though. Bringing the combination of the extremely powerful new Champion causing enemies to take 20% increased damage with Intimidate + "Taunted Enemies Takes 10% Increased Damage" as well as full Frenzy charges for both of you with the Raider ascendancy + Conduit. Both builds are ranged, attack, crit, and elemental damage based, scaling through the same modifiers. This means that auras/curses/vaal skills are benefit both characters fully.

The only thing slowing you down is your greed when you stop to pick up the loot from the 2 screens you just cleared in a single click.

(link)Kinetic Blast
Elemental Spectral Throw

Namelock Freezelock
(link)Glacial Hammer/(link)Static Strike


(link)Glacial Hammer
(link)Static Strike

Fire and Ice
(link)Flame Surger/(link)Arctic Breath Igniter


The combination focuses around Elemental Equilibrium's insane -50% to resists and Flame Surges huge 50% more damage with hits against burning enemies to melt bosses. We chose Artic Breath because map clear is really not an issue, the extra safety provided from everything being permanently chilled is nice QoL, and it's a very underused skill gem. Also since this skill is used to ignite, using a skill the explodes seemed the obvious choice.

(link)Arctic Breath
(link)Flame Surge

Bo$$ Farmer$
(link)Whispering Ice/(link)Discharge

Low-life Whispering Ice Guardian. Low-life Discharge Inquisitor.

(link)Whispering Ice

Trapped in Wraeclast
(link)Shrapnel Shot Trap/(link)Shrapnel Shot Trap

Bow Trapper Champion + Multi Curse CI Bow Trapper Occultist

(link)Skill 1
(link)Skill 2

Build Name (coming soon)
(link)Skill 1/(link)Skill 2


(link)Skill 1
(link)Skill 2
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Love this idea, may return sometimes to play with some friends some builds in which i'm not the aurabot.
Happy to hear it! Hopefully by then we'll have completely played and fleshed out all the builds and have even more to choose from.
IGN: Dmillz
This is a great idea. I am really looking forward to your posting more information.

I run 2 chars, one for playing with a friend, and another for soloing. The idea of complementary skills is something I want to try.
If you want to know some of our ideas let me know.

We have about 5 different combos planned that we are going to release as guides but we want to play them in Bestiary first so some of them might be awhile! I can give you the run-down on what the planned builds are so you can run them.
IGN: Dmillz
Unfortunately I work Wednesday-Saturday with my current schedule so I'm holding things up a bit. I plan to get things rolling fairly quickly. Feel free to message me as well if you need any info on our other things we have planned too. I'll get caught up fairly quickly the next couple days.
Love this take on things. :) My husband and I play almost exclusively together in PoE and we've had some fun with very synergistic builds in the past (things like one bleeder and one Bloodluster, etc) but it's more commonly just standard "play well together" stuff. I look forward to seeing what you do!
Thanks! It's been a really fun project so far, can't wait to show off :D.
IGN: Dmillz

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