3.10 - Uniting Wraeclast - Duo Builds

Going to be playing a new Duo build for the 3.10 league start!

Cast on Crit Bladefall Ascendant + Blade Blast/Animate Weapon Chieftain. Tons of synergy between the two build, both should be quite strong solo. Depending what Blade Blast looks like (details not out at the time of this post) I think there is some serious potential to absolutely nuke bosses.
IGN: Dmillz
how did 3.10 go for you guys?
Prolifik123 wrote:
how did 3.10 go for you guys?

Busy! We weren't able to play together neither as much as we planned on. The build was very strong though!

Same with 3.11, we did a Tornado Shot Champion + Earthshatter Warcry Beserker. Didn't get to play it as much as we wanted and didn't have time to write a guide but it was quite fun!

This is going to be on hiatus again as we can't commit to anything for 3.12 unfortunately.
IGN: Dmillz
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Unfortunately I work Wednesday-Saturday with my current schedule so I'm holding things up a bit rachat de credit banque. I plan to get things rolling fairly quickly. Feel free to message me as well if you need any info on our other things we have planned too. I'll get caught up fairly quickly the next couple days.

If you can also let us know about any updates that are taking place.

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