3.10 - Cyclone CoC Bladefall Blade Generator - Blade Blade Blasting Duo Build - 10mil DPS no flasks

*This is one of two parts of a budget friendly duo build designed by Uniting Wraeclast to be played both as a solo and a duo with few to no changes. All of our builds are quite capable of playing solo with a minimum of 2 million realistic dps to shaper*, although when they are paired together their strength multiplies through the power of synergy. We aim to stay to a strict build budget but show premium scaling items. Builds are mainly designed for softcore leagues but can very easily be adapted to hardcore. Please see the below link for a full list of our builds currently available as well as what we have in the works for you.

*2 million realistic dps based on no flasks, realistic setting, and only with buffs that have near 100% shaper uptime. This may require non budget items for some builds.*

Please Click Here To See Our Other Builds


This build is currently my league starter and I will update as often as I can. Please leave any questions and I’ll answer them as they come up. And yes, it does work. You can detonate eachother’s bladefall lingering blades.

Recent Additions:
It works and feels amazing!
Leveling notes
Playstyle details

Pending Updates:
Is Transcendent Flesh worth it after changes?
More Videos
Can I fit in Cluster Jewels?

This build is the Blade Generator part of the Blade Blade Blasting Duo. This build can put up 4 million realistic dps solo while on a budget. Supporting your partner in duo mode with conduit for charge generation, an additional damage aura, monster debuffs and a couple defensive layers. These builds scale very high with currency and take advantage of unusual approaches for a common build to maximize synergy buffs.

I have no friends, can this be played solo? This build is designed to synergize with its counterpart build so it is not fully solo ready. You can convert it to Chieftain, drop conduit and you’re ready to roll.

Blade Blast/Animate Weapon Partner Build


T3 Waterway on a 5L - Early mapping to end Day 2. 5l chest for coc/4l totem in staff. We both recorded the same map from our different perspectives. Excuse the mouse dying mid-map.



+ Strong clear and single target
+ Many layers of defence amplified in a duo
+ Great duo interactions with blast chains


- Scales exponentially with exalts
- Needs dual circle of anguish to take damage to the next level

This build uses the Ascendant ascendancy.

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/ZqhjgGJh **This is my final goal with all duo buffs up. Please see leveling section for cheaper starter plan. Turn on mana flask in slot 5 to adjust bladefall gems to blade blast damage until update is out.**


Ascendancy Points: The plan is to rush the Marauder start area to save quite a few passives. With Uber lab we’ll take the templar Inquisitor buffs.

Marauder Strength/passive → Berserker/passive → Path of the Marauder/str+int → Inquisitor/passive

Bandits: Help Alira here. The free critical strike multiplier is great damage and resistances to help with gearing since we’re unique heavy later.

Path of Building Configuration


Duo partner Covers Enemies in Ash.
Duo partner has Aspect of the Spider.
Duo partner has Skitterbots for 18% shock.
Duo partner Unnerves.
Duo partner dual curses.



Cyclone Cast On Critical Bladefall

What this whole duo is focused around: blade generation.

Socketed in our staff: GGGBBB
Cyclone - The safest skill for the build. Originally wanted to go Flicker Strike but didn’t want to outpace my partner. I plan on using the Vaal Version which is nice situationally.
Cast on Critical Strike - What makes this build tick. The Awakened Version is an option. Have to see how it goes with performance vs reward as we already generate more blades than our partner can detonate. It may be a solo only situational option.
Bladefal - Our blade generator as well as our main source of damage. You ideally want a cheap Level 21 gem with 0% quality. We also take no increased area of effect as we want to keep bladefall tight for maximum single target damage. Each cast generates 6 blades per cast. At 6 per second before cooldown reduction we’re generating 36 blades per second. End game with awakened gems and 2 CDR rolls we’re looking at 80 blades per second.
Spell Cascade - Again there is an Awakened Version available here but we have to test against performance. Another solo only option. With our tight bladefall grouping the overlap will cause larger bosses to be hit with multiple bladefalls from each volley. I would be careful pushing for this versus the cost as we already max out our partner’s blade blast potential without it. Your money is much better placed into a high damage unique jewel or a Circle of Anguish.
Increased Critical Strikes - This gem scales both our cyclone to cast more and our bladefalls to crit more often. This gem cannot be stressed enough. If you can afford a % critical strike chance mod for your chest and get the % critical strike chance for bladefall helmet enchant while staying capped at your Bladefall max cast rate then you can drop it for another damage mod. Without all of these criteria met, this is the best gem for you.
Concentrated Effect - A huge damage increase. Also tightens up our grouping on bladefall casts allowing more overlap. If you need it you can use Increased Area of Effect to clear.

Blade Blast Totem/Flame Surge

Our secondary damage skill while solo and also our Arcane Surge generator on our movement skill.

Socketed in our Body Armour - GRRB/BB

4 links
Blade Blast - Secondary damage source for single target that also Unnerves for us when we’re solo. To see the damage prior to full info release in pob turn the mana flask on in flask slot 5 to adjust bladefall damage to blade blast. That average damage number is your damage per blade. You can see that even with rounding the “50% fewer blades when not cast yourself” nerf we’re still doing millions of damage per second.
Spell Totem - Allows for casting while we Cyclone.
Fire Penetration - With the reduction in blade generation we no longer need multiple totems or additional cast speed. This lets us load the damage up. Controlled destruction is a little more dps in pob but I prefer to keep the crit rate high in case the start of the chain determines whether the entire chain is a crit or not. Will update when I have the details on that.
Elemental Focus - The only non-awakened support that does more damage is concentrated effect but this can jeopardize our Blade Blast overlap so Elemental Focus it is.
2 seperate links
Flame Dash - Our movement skill that we also use to setup Arcane Surge.
Arcane Surge - Our level 20 Flame Dash has a mana cost of 25. Keeping this support at level 5 guarantees we get the buff everytime we use it.

Wave of Conviction/Vigilant Strike

Helmet - RRBB

Vigiliant Strike - Gives huge duration fortify for us and our partner. Vital to help keep us alive in end game encounters.
Cast When Damage Taken - Used to automate our Wave of Conviction. We want it going off as often as possible for the damage buff so keep it set to level 1.
Wave of Conviction - Massive damage debuff against enemies. Keep at level 7 to be supported by a level 1 Cast When Damage Taken.
Combustion - Another big damage debuff on top of Wave of Conviction. It gives chance to ignite and we have a high spell critical strike chance. This means it should almost always be up on bosses once we get hit.

Utility CWDT/Blood Rage

Boots - RBRG

This helps us keep our charges maxed before we get our Timeless Jewel and gives us Attack Speed. Not to mention a massive Molten Shell Shield.

Cast When Damage Taken - Automates our curse and a big shield for us.
Molten Shell - Generate a hefty shield for us. Use the Vaal Version for big bosses at the start of the fight.
Assassin’s Mark - Increase our critical strike chance for both Cyclone and Bladefall as well as helping with our charge generation early.
Blood Rage - Nice amount of flat attack speed while helping us keep our Frenzy Charges up before we get our Timeless Jewel.


Gloves - RGBB

Zealotry - Tons of damage, creation of Consecrated Ground for our Inquisitor interactions, and helps our spell critical strike chance.
Precision - Helps our accuracy and critical strike chance on Cyclone. A must have. Keep it a comfortable level for your sustain, especially before we have a high level Enlighten.
Herald of Ash - Increase in damage for us scaled off the charts by Circle of Anguish Rings.
Enlighten - Keeps mana reservation down to fit in Precision at high levels.

Mandatory Uniques

Core Uniques For This Build

Martyr of Innocence - The Key Unique of this build. I can’t find anything stronger with this build. Tons of flat fire for spells, % fire damage, and % fire resistance penetration. It adds damage to our cyclone for us to leech and gives a hefty amount of block to help generate charges pre timeless jewel. Not to mention we’re a cyclone build and vengeance hits pretty hard as well.

Starkonja’s Head - Almost every stat is useful. Much needed Dexterity, attack speed, critical strike chance, and a hefty life roll. All with 50% reduced damage taken on low life to help in those sticky situations. A big fossil crafted helmet later with a bladefall helmet enchant might be better but the cost just doesn’t justify it.

Circle of Anguish - A pair of these rings are 50% of our damage. You want “fire damage while affected by herald of ash” and “increased effect of herald of ash buff”. These will be very expensive but worth it.

Forbidden Taste - We get a lot of resistances on tree and we help Alira for even more. This should let you get a large amount of chaos resistance on gear. With enough chaos resistance we’re basically getting free life gain with this flask. It’s a huge amount of life with a very small downside. With the flask effect up we still leech 1k life per second.

Transcendent Flesh - Trade 100 health in strength for 6% physical damage reduction and 42% critical strike multiplier. Sounds great to me.

Watcher’s Eye - Another expensive addition. You want global critical strike multiplier while affected by Precision and critical strikes penetrate enemy resistances while affected by Zealotry. These two mods are the best combo I found. There are plenty of Anger mods, additional Zealotry mods, and even a few good Precision mods you can get if they’re a lot cheaper.

Elegant Hubris (Victario) - If you can divine the right number which I plan on finding for us ASAP, you get free charge generation for all three charge types, huge attack speed, huge critical strike chance for attacks and spells, and a boat load of spell damage.

The Vigil - Huge duration fortify for both you and your partner. Remember, we don’t have a huge health pool with all of our uniques and staff. Keeping this up will keep you alive.

Core Uniques For Partner Build

Signal Fire quiver - Required to have 100% phys to fire conversion.
Circle of Anguish - As high Buff Effect as possible. Fire damage mod is a bonus.
Soul Tether - Gives overleech and lets us leech energy shield while at full life. Very powerful defensively.
Forbidden Taste - Basically no downside because of our regen/leech. Full health heal is extremely powerful.
The Wise Oak
Glorious Vanity - Doryani jewel
Place this in the jewel near Pain Attunement. Only get this once you are using Soul Tether
Thread of Hope jewel - Very Large
Place this in the jewel near Witch start and take Heart of Flame, Throatseeker, and Critical Strike Multiplier per Power Charge.

Blade Blaster Partner Build



This is my plan. This will change once I begin running the character.

Passive Tree (30 Passives)

We want to start making our way to all those juicy staff nodes that make this build function. Also sets us up to begin generating some random endurance and power charges as we go.

I plan on starting out leveling as Molten Strike into Blade Vortex for now.

Passive Tree (60 Passives)

The Cauteriser is a good option that is usually only 1 or 2 chaos for the prophecy early. I plan on using this until I get a solid staff to use.

Martyr of Innocence is what this build is based on but it isn’t the cheapest early on. If you can grab one go for it. Otherwise a nice rare staff is a good transition from your Cauteriser.

Next we’re going to fill in life as needed while grabbing more staff nodes. I switched to bladefall right when it was available running a 2l blade blast totem. It was good enough to get me through til about 45 when I ran CoC successfully with an accuracy/cold to spells blue staff.

Passive Tree (90 Passives)

Fill out some more life and round out the basics of what you need to sustain CoC. Once you start feeling merc lab ready head straight for marauder start to shave off all those mana nodes at scion start. Invest heavily in life and utility here. Your damage should start feeling pretty good.

Map Starter Passive Tree (117 Passives) - Cheap Tree In List


Fully rounded out starting tree with solo stats. Drop Scion start mana nodes and Shaper ASAP. This tree should be more than enough up to red tier maps. Remember to keep your buffs and charges up. Probably will make some adjustments here based on how charge generation feels. To see your solo damage turn off covered in ash and shocked on boss stats. This is prior to Blade Blast details so that second 4l bladefall totem is a placeholder. If this tree is where you stop you’re still very capable of 4.5mil damage per second with your partner or with your own Blade Blast totem. This tree is actually a little tankier too.

To turn on duo stats add -50% fire resistance, covered in ash, and shocked.

Luxury Passive Tree (120 Passives) - Expensive Skill Tree In List


This is currently the final goal for the build with solo stats. Will adjust as needed in end game. Make the big tree changes once you get the right timeless jewel. When I get the right number I’ll add it here. Replace our rare jewel with a solid Watcher’s eye. Add Circles of Anguish as acquired. This tree is not necessary. Every addition of the 4 items here make a massive uptick in dps. Even if you can only afford 1 or 2 pieces you’ll instantly feel them. This tree is capable of around 6mil damage per second before your Blade Blast totem. This is just as a base. There’s plenty of room to improve. Awakened Cast on Critical/Spell Cascade if you can handle the extra calculations. Pseudo 6 link items, a helm enchant, more attack speed squeezed out, etc. Let me know what you guys come up with. I’ve been toying with a lot of end game staves but nothing seems to beat Martyr I can find right now.

To turn on duo stats add -50% fire resistance, covered in ash, and shocked.



The main focus of this duo is blade generation and detonation while sharing charges, buffs and debuffs. We focus on generating as many blades and charges as possible while being the frontline debuffer with wave of conviction/combustion. It’s also our responsibility to generate fortify for us with vigilant strike + the vigil jewel. Our partner will be a ranged caster that curses, unnerves, cover’s in ash, run Elemental Equilibrium on storm brand, and shocks. We’re capable of generating around 125 blades per second in the end game expensive build. 210 with an awakened Spell Cascade. This means even with our totem count maxed out we can’t detonate as many as our partner can. Don’t get carried away with damage though, you NEED to keep fortify up to live.

Blade Blast Partner Build



This build solo isn’t too much different then when it’s played as a duo. Generating fortify is just as important because we won’t have our partner’s defensive curse. Drop your totem, flame dash in, vigilant strike the boss, then go right into cycloning. Resummon totem as necessary. Try to keep the boss at the edge of your cyclone radius so you have some reaction time to dodge. Flame dash as needed to keep up your arcane surge. Refresh your fortify for phased bosses. Keep your totems up for the damage boost. Running awakened gems if you have them will be more forgiving graphically in solo too.


This build generates around 45% more damage with it’s partner so don’t be afraid to focus on your defensive buffs here. Fortify/Vaal Molten Shell should be your priority in boss fights. Arcane Surge if needed but you probably won’t outside of late end game. Decide on a system with your partner. For weaker packs in low maps I just plowed through for my partner to chain straight through packs. For Deliriums and tougher enemies I skirted back and forth along the edge or circled through successfully. Remember to stay with your partner, it’s easy to end up surrounded with no flask charges left.

Blade Blast Partner Build


Can we contact you in-game or through messages? - No. Please keep all questions to our forum posts. We check them frequently and will answer all in the threads.

Why waste your time in a duo? I saw a Chieftan do the same thing with 30 million damage. - These builds have quite a bit of potential. The damage output shown does not show min/maxed scaling. With both builds sharing the weight of the debuffs they run fairly smoothly. Single builds usually have half the defensive layers and twice the setup time on bosses. Not to mention it’s more fun to play with friends.

How can you call a 6-link Martyr budget? - 6 link Martyr is preferred only due to greed of wanting a big vengeance number. Finding a cheap corrupted 6l chest that fits your needs and socket colors works great and leaves you with only needing to 4l/2l the staff. I actually plan on running this with a tabula for quite a while right now.


Thank you for taking the time to look through our build guide. If you like what you see you can check the link below for other duo builds we’ve made. We will update the guides as we play and hopefully have the time to keep our videos updated as well. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated as well. Please keep all questions/comments to this post and do not message us in-game!

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**Saved for Updates**
Really interested in this build and duo build aspect. will definitely stay tuned! thanks
Looks good, some food for thoughts while I'm still undecided which Cyclone build to pick for Delirium, thank you :)
Just wanted to bring your attention to the patch notes since Transcendent Flesh has changed:
now grants -1 Strength per Strength on allocated Passives, 3% increased Life Recovery Rate per 10 Strength on allocated Passives, 2% reduced Life Recovery Rate per 10 Strength on unallocated Passives and +7% to Critical Strike Multiplier per 10 Strength on unallocated Passives.

Unfortunately, it looses it's damage reduction for life recovery rate :(
Thanks Ragsha!

You make a good point, the un-upgraded version "Tempered Flesh" is no longer worth using at all but the upgraded "Transcendent Flesh" I would actually consider the change a small buff. You give up 6% phys reduction but gain 8% increased life recovery rate which affects all leech and regen.
IGN: Dmillz
confirmed - you can explode your parties blades.
Hi ! These 2 builds seems very interesting ! Thanks you !
I started this build with my friend.
However, it seems that the passive tree of this build, on path of building,
doesn't work properly :


Is it normal ?
Last edited by Echizen06 on Mar 15, 2020, 1:17:20 PM
Echizen06 wrote:
Hi ! These 2 builds seems very interesting ! Thanks you !
I started this build with my friend.
However, it seems that the passive tree of this build, on path of building,
doesn't work properly :


Is it normal ?

One of the Ascendant perks is that you can choose another starting area. When you complete Merciless labyrinth you can take the "Path of the Marauder" ascendancy node which lets you start from the Marauder starting area. Then use your passive respecs from the story to reallocate those passives into staff nodes or life.
Anything you recommend getting to increase the size of the Cyclone? I'm playing solo and am doing fine for the most part, but some things wreck me because I can't get close enough to them.

Also, the Vigilant Strike while providing a very nice fortify buff, feels awkward to use in the build. Are there any other fortify alternatives you consider worthy using?
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