3.9 - Poison Party 2.0 - Budget, League Starter, Duo Build

*This is one of two parts of a budget friendly duo build designed by Uniting Wraeclast to be played both as a solo and a duo with few to no changes. All of our builds are quite capable of playing solo with a minimum of 2 million realistic dps to shaper*, although when they are paired together their strength multiplies through the power of synergy. We aim to stay to a strict build budget but show premium scaling items. Builds are mainly designed for softcore leagues but can very easily be adapted to hardcore. Please see the below link for a full list of our builds currently available as well as what we have in the works for you.

*2 million realistic dps based on realistic setting and only with buffs that have near 100% shaper uptime. This may require non budget items for some builds.


This build is intended to be part of a poison scaling duo build. The counterpart build can be found by clicking the various links spaced out through the guide or at the link above. I plan to begin as a dodge based cobra lash assassin. I’ll be running a setup that doesn’t seem optimal but when paired with it’s partner build becomes much more powerful. My partner will run a poison proliferating viper strike pathfinder using the Growing Agony jewel to profit from our combined poison stacks.


This build is the ranged poison stacking component in our Poison Scaling duo combo. The job of this build is to reliably stack poisons on enemies from a distance while building up withered stacks and Blinding enemies. It may seem odd but the highest dps and best duo scaling option is an Ancestral Protector Enchant which helps crank up our attack speed. We then support our totem with Withering Touch and melee splash to reliably crank up the Withered Stacks and apply a few more poisons. We also support our Herald of Agony Crawler with Withering Touch to help keep enemies reliably capped.



Video ----> Early 5l Esh Runs



+ Cheap to get rolling
+ Fast clear with Plague Bearer
+ Dodge + Blind
+ Lots of life/mana gain on hit


- High tier map clear can fall off without gem and character levels
- While cheap to start upgrades can be expensive
- Very easy to get 1 shot this league




I checked a couple of different variations on this build. Trickster/Pathfinder/Occultist/Ascendant were either low on dps or low on defences. While this build is no tank it’s much more survivable than our other options without sacrificing defensive layers. The assassin buffs to crit and poisons delivered by crits are incredibly strong with minimal crit investment and the charge generation is extremely helpful. Noxious Strike life recovery paired with our life gain on hit makes us recover large chunks of health quite quickly while clearing and in boss encounters with adds.

Path of Building:


Ascendancy Points:

Unstable Infusion -> Noxious Strike -> Mistwalker -> Toxic Delivery


Kill all for our points.


Core Uniques For This Build


Coralito’s Signature - This flask is literally 40% of our damage. Run two if needed for end game bosses.

Core Uniques For Partner Build


Will update if asked


The pob does have a lvl 94 skill tree. Get your skill gems last. They are the least important part of the build and there isn’t any utility I would recommend postponing for jewels outside of a huge GG 4 damage modifier jewel.



Screenshots will be added if requested


Screenshots will be added if requested



Screenshots will be added if requested



Will be added if requested



Maximum Life > Poison Damage > Chaos Damage > Global Critical Strike Multiplier



Will add if asked



This build is about stacking as many poison stacks as possible for our partner. We use Frenzy Charges, Onslaught, Elusive, and a flask of acceleration to keep our attack speed high. With a solid poison duration this means we can burst and kite things out while they die. When playing together your partner will always be in front of you keeping enemies focused on them while you stack poison from a distance. Each stack of poison we put on an enemy increases our partner’s damage on that enemy with viper strike. Chains from cobra lash allow us to make sure that our attacks are getting through to the bigger enemies that need the damage boost as most smaller enemies will be instantly cleared from the screen.
Partner Build



While solo you have to remember you’re squishy. Always keep projectiles ahead of you. We have a fair amount of dodge but we’re one big enemy crit away from death at any given time. To clear all you have to do is shoot a few projectiles to fill up plaguebearer and whirl through mobs. Once it runs out, refill and dash through. I was flying through low red-tier maps like nothing this way.


As a duo you want to always be behind your partner. They have quite a bit more defensive layers than we do. I found leap-frogging with my partner was the best way to clear. Fill up my plaguebearer while he whirled through by cleaning up the loose monsters. Then I’ll plaguebearer dive while he cleaned up the stragglers to fill his.

For bosses you want to gem swap Vicious Projectiles for Greater Multiple Projectiles. When the fight starts drop your totem, make sure all your buffs are up, and then spam your cobra lash from a distance. Try to be far enough that you don’t have to move much. Our goal is to get as many poison stacks on the enemy as possible to help our partner while taking advantage of all the buffs they bring to the table. If it’s a fight with a lot of spawned monsters consider leaving Greater Multiple Projectiles in or use plaguebearer to keep yourself safe while you focus the boss.
Partner Build

**FAQ Section**

Q: Can we contact you in-game or through messages?
A: No. Please keep all questions to our forum posts. We check them frequently and will answer all in the threads.

Q: I thought you said you would keep this updated. I haven’t seen any changes in 3 days.
A: I work quite a bit lately but I’m traveling more which means more time to game. Please be patient and if you want any specific answers feel free to ask.


Thank you for taking the time to look through our build guide. If you like what you see you can check the link below for other duo builds we’ve made. We will update the guides as we play and hopefully have the time to keep our videos updated as well. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated as well. Please keep all questions/comments to this post and do not message us in-game!

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