3.2 Ele Spectral Throw - Clearspeed Junkies Duo - Budget, Duo Build, Ascendant

*This is one of two parts of a budget friendly duo build designed by Uniting Wraeclast to be played both as a solo and a duo with few to no changes. All of our builds are quite capable of playing solo with a minimum of 400k realistic dps to shaper*, although when they are paired together their strength multiplies through the power of synergy. We aim to stay to a strict build budget but show premium scaling items. Builds are mainly designed for softcore leagues but can very easily be adapted to hardcore. Please see the below link for a full list of our builds currently available as well as what we have in the works for you.

*400k realistic dps based on no flasks, realistic setting, and only with buffs that have near 100% shaper uptime. This may require non budget items for some builds.


State of the build
I am currently just beginning leveling this build. I’m somewhere in a3. Hoping to get this thing mapping by my next off day next week. The Kinetic Blast Wander part is already ~lvl 80 so expect to see his full guide up any day now. I’ll get some updates rolling here as soon as I can.


This build is the elemental spectral throw half of the Clear Speed Junkies duo build. This build is meant to be played with the Kinetic Blast Wander linked below. This build has slightly less clear then it’s partner, but it contains more utility and single target damage. We use the revamped Ascendant to both conduit frenzy charges on boss fights with the updated raider and to intimidate as well as taunt bosses for a massive damage boost in the updated champion node. Just remember that the taunt on hit for some bosses can be dangerous. I highly recommend to have the more experienced of the duo run this one. The wander supplies lesser shrines with The Gull unique helm and gives the Tailwind buff to the party to help keep the clear speed rolling.

Kinetic Blast Wander

VIDEO(coming soon)



+ A lot of damage if you can position yourself in that ST sweet spot.
+ Brings tons of party utility.
+ Can dodge reliably with blind on your totem.
+ Relatively cheap for the power.
+ Tons of scaling potential with money.


- Could be a little tankier. May sacrifice damage for defences later.
- Despite being a solid build it can feel slower once you’re used to your partner’s buffs.
- Need merc lab to get down into the duelist start life nodes.


Ascendanct - Raider/Champion

Path of Building: https://pastebin.com/9tC1yBmS

Passives (Lvl 92)

Ascendancy Points: Duelist ascendancy -> Path of the Duelist -> Raider Ascendancy

Bandits: Kill All


Core Uniques For This Build

Hyaon’s Fury - A great cheap weapon that scales with our frenzy charges.
Lycosidae - Lets us not have to worry about accuracy at all. Vital for getting all the defences we need.
Thunderfist - Easy damage scale item as well as an early 5-link item. Can carry you through early maps until you get a 6-link chest.
Windscream - Lets us run a 2nd damage curse. May drop for better defences later. Damage shouldn’t be an issue.

Core Uniques For Partner Build

(Coming Soon)
Kinetic Blast Wander


Passive Tree (30 Passives)
Right now we want to take advantage of all the early life nodes. Settle into the spectral throw playstyle if you aren’t used to it. Try to get lesser multiple projectiles rolling asap. Take it out for bosses.

Passive Tree (60 Passives)
Working our way to our frenzy charges. Remember to save a few passives so that when you complete merc lab you can soak up all those life nodes to help survive the taunt on hit mechanic. Your partner should be holding their own now pretty well. This may be our weakest part.

Passive Tree (90 Passives)
Pick up all of our duelist start defensive mechanics. Life as well as leech with an extra frenzy charge. Both you and your partner should be doing fairly well. Your damage may be lacking a little without leveling weapons but for now you want to try to be the kite tank while they shred bosses.



We take the new raider and champion ascendant nodes for the massive party scaling potential when combined with conduit. If you don’t feel comfortable taunting on hit, you can drop champion for something else but keep in mind all of the hp and damage in the duelist start area. We try to pick up all the frenzy charges and lots of life. Scaling crit would leave us with too few defenses while we taunt so we use the Elemental Overload keystone for a massive damage boost with much less investment (27% of our damage according to Path of Building). Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics also help us out with our limited defensive capability when paired with blind on your totem.

Kinetic Blast Wander

STATS(I’ll try to get some screenshots up soon)


**Coming soon**


**Coming soon**

GEAR(Will be linked once leveled and geared)


**Coming soon**



Spectral Throw Setup(6l)

Spectral Throw - Our attack skill of choice for this build.
Elemental Damage With Attacks - Scales up our elemental damage.
Added Lightning Damage - More flat damage since we have so much scaling readily available.
Lightning Penetration - Bosses and some big rares have a lot of elemental resistance. This helps break through them.

Clear Swap

Faster Projectiles - Allows our spectral throw to fly further.
Greater Multiple Projectiles - Gives us 5 projectiles instead of one allowing us to clear faster.

Boss Swap

Slower Projectiles - Slows our projectiles down so we can line up our ST to hit the boss with the very end of our projectile flight path. This allows 3-5 hits instead of the standard 2 depending on your aim.
Faster Attacks - We only want to focus on the single boss so we only need one projectile. This is our best option for more attacks on that boss faster.

CWDT Setup(3l) + Blood Rage

Cast When Damage Taken - Keep this low level so it goes off often. Lvl 1-3 is plenty.
Immortal Call - Protection from big damage spikes.
Increased Duration - Increases the duration of both our immortal call and blood rage.
Blood Rage - Generates charges on clear. Keep it linked with the other gems so it is affected by increased duration.

Mobility Setup(2l) + golem

Whirling Blades - Our preferred method of traversing maps.
Faster Projectiles - Faster movement through maps.
Summon Lightning Golem - Gives us an attack speed boost as well as a temporary flat lightning damage aura for both us and our partner.

Aura Setup

Wrath - More flat lightning damage.
Herald of Thunder - Additional flat lightning damage.
Enlighten - While not vital, it does help free up mana for quality of life.
Herald of Ice - When in party use this instead of wrath since your partner will be running wrath. You will want the extra mana due to your partner’s tailwind having us attack more often.

Totem(in Thunderfist)

Ancestral Protector - Pure utility totem that grants us safety and attack speed.
Faster Projectiles - Allows your totem to hit more often.
Blind - This helps to keep us safe. Your totem blinding bosses that we will be taunting makes the most of our mediocre defences.
Melee Splash - Gives our totem an aoe for the blind.

Curse on Hit Setup

Orb of Storms - Great aoe/chain curse delivery system.
Curse on Hit - Allows our curses to be applied whenever our orb hits an enemy.
Conductivity - Lowers lightning resistance.
Elemental Weakness - Lowers all elemental resistances further.
Increased Area of Effect - If you don’t want to run windscream or your partner has dual curse this is a great option to keep your curses up while you kite bosses around.



In order of the mods to look for:
% increased lightning damage > %maximum life > % attack speed > % Projectile damage



The plan is to level as spectral throw with two-handed weapons as I find them. Eventually I’ll switch to one-handed and shield when I feel I need the defences. Try to get accuracy or dexterity on gear until you can afford a lycosidae later.



This build works by running as many of the party shareable damage scalers as possible. You run conduit/intimidate/taunt while your partner spawns lesser shrines and has tailwind. One of you will dual curse while the other uses a vaal lightning trap. You both clear well, you both have decent survivability. But when you put these two together you get a huge boost to both.

Kinetic Blast Wander


When you run this build solo you want to stick near your totem for bosses. You’ll be taunting them at you and you're not the strongest tank. You have a fair amount of dodge but without the totem’s blind you are still very easily killed. Run wrath and herald of thunder as your auras. Remember to drop your orb of storms on tougher enemies. I would drop a totem and your orb on it. Then whirl around the utility skills while you dps.

In a party drop your wrath aura for herald of ice. You’ll want to fall into more of a kiting dodge tank roll while your partner focuses on getting in close for high impact barrages. Again kiting around your utility skills is the idea. Remember to keep your charges up for your partner. With your combined damage nothing should be a problem for long.

Kinetic Blast Wander



Can we contact you in-game or through message?

No. Please keep all questions to our forum posts. We check them frequently and will answer all questions we can in the threads.

Why don’t you just go full tank?

As strong as a full tank/full dps would be this build is meant to be able to solo without much trouble. The whole idea is combo builds that are entirely viable alone.


Thank you for taking the time to look through our build guide. If you like what you see you can check the link below for other duo builds we’ve made. We will update the guides as we play and hopefully have the time to keep our videos updated as well. Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated as well. Please keep all questions/comments to this post and do not message us in-game!

Please click here if you would like to see what else we're working on!
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