The Fall of Oriath Supporter Packs and Beta are Now Live!

You guys have really stepped up your trailer game. This new one is awesome!
BenjiS wrote:
but patching servers are down... like everytime ^^

yup...underestimated how many people will be trying to get on...again
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NICE Kitavas hunger knows no bounds! Need a key :D
Live On

Ich freue mich auf spannende Abende mit euch! Zum Seasonstart bin ich auf jeden Fall immer da. Lasst uns Traden, Mappen oder Pizza essen LUL
Also spent more then $500 lifetime and no key :(
i honestly believe most sets in this support pack looks too blluky and bad, only one i find to be decent is eclipse .. maybe Kitava is nice but its no where near phoneix set :)
Also spent more then $500 lifetime and no key :(

Your account will have beta access without the need for a key.
50/56 get a key from the blamt Malachai race. I am one of the 6 reeeeeeep
I've Been waiting a long time for this!!
Just let me patch....

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