The Fall of Oriath Supporter Packs and Beta are Now Live!

Beta download site down :(
Kinda disappointed that i didn´t got a beta key yet, even doe i´m over the 500$. Whatever gonna buy the Beast Supporter Pack anyways.
I'm really excited!

I know I'm in the minority, but it may be time to start referencing which gaming system your news is now for. I've been hoping for the "details to come" portion of the console announcement. In my excitement I almost purchased a supporter pack hoping it'd give me a key for the console beta...I'd love to buy a supporter pack for both versions but I can only afford the one.

Anyway, I am excited to get started! It's a good day for GGG.

Actually I was thinking the same thing. If purchasing the supporter pack gave us a chance to play the beta on console, I would be more than happy to buy it. And yes, I agree that they should be spelling everything out now.
Will there be videos for the other weapon effects (than Oriath)? Weapon types other than sword?

Will the weapon effects be sold separately later? A supporter pack with just the weapon effects would be good.
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You have my money, GGG. Thank you for all your work!
I love you Bex. <3
Nice, only set that i like (Kitava) costs like one monthly payment... Fck me and my country (poor student form Poland)

But... I must think about this because you guys so much deserve this money. Thank You!
outlaw set is the best armour set i've seen in PoE since the creation of the game
<3 <3 <3 <3

Kitava is nice too
Glacial Hammer now has 3-5% Chance to Poison on the character select screen.
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Waiting for my beta key :$
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