The Fall of Oriath Supporter Packs and Beta are Now Live!

what about free beta keys?
So awesome GGG. GREAT PACKS!
I thought the Xbox One version was going to be included in the beta as well? That's what was mentioned in the FAQ. Any news on it?
here we go

I need more purple titles
Ehhh... armor sets are 'meh' to me.
I wouldn't mind a supporter pack that just had the weapon effects, tho. Some of those look pretty spif.
28 days later music... amazing choice
Great news!

To Beta, or not to Beta...that is the question... #Hmmm

Or, save PoE until the release, so as not to 'spoil' the experience...
Firefox can’t find the file at
nevermind fixed by update. Packs look sick!
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