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Hey there! I think I've found a bug in the filter for this Ritual league

Basically started when I selected a strict setting and applied either a "chaos recipe" preset, either exclude T1/T2 or all. Body armors that fit the criteria are hidden, even though they do show up in the preset "generate loot" section of the map. Rule seems to suggest it should be visible.

Not sure what happened, but hope it can be fixed soon :)

Edit: Ok so it seems like T1/T2 body armors are showing up (just saw assassin's garb show when I'm using all chaos recipe on strict filter) so I think the strict is superseding the chaos recipe preset.
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Each league i customize very strict to show portal scroll & scroll of wisdom.

When i do it this league and download the filter, the scrolls are still hidden, why is that?
Is there a guide/instructions for the "Filter Line Translator" under the Advanced section?

I thought it might be something that let you control the colors of the normal, magic, rare default text colors, however all of the options there are linked, and dont seem to actually change anything in the actual filter itself.

Im probably just not understanding what this part of the tool is for. Any help would be appreciated.

(my ultimate goal would be to change the global default text color for magic items.)
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Hi everyone.

I am newbie to the concept of syncing loot filter (in my account) with other applications. Is it safe according to ToS? I use Path of Building, but since it is read-only, i am sure that it is not against ToS. But here we need read/write permissions.can this be safe?

Is using syncing Filterblade with my PoE account not against GGG's Terms of Service? (I remember banwaves with awakened PoeTradeMacro and I was lucky to not use it). Are there any proofs that such syncing is safe? Was not able to google an answer, so help will be appreciated.

There once was an exile who found a map of infinite doctors.
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How to filter gems of e.g. 19 lvl?

Section "Tier 3, remaining gems without quality:" is missing gems level/quality,

section with custom rules is missing "Class". Manually putting all 900 gems via "BaseType" is not a good idea :)

What can be done? I hope there is a way other than manually editing file and adding custom code rules on top of it.

And other question, somewhat related - is there a way to put custom filter code on top(to override all rules) of generated code using FilterBlade itself?

Class "Gems"
GemLevel >= 19
SetTextColor 27 162 155
SetBackgroundColor 0 0 0 250
SetBorderColor 27 162 155
SetFontSize 45
MinimapIcon 0 Green Star
PlayEffect Green
PlayAlertSound 13 300


There once was an exile who found a map of infinite doctors.
Prophecy upgraded versions of uniques should be excluded from auto-sort in FilterBlade as they currently make the auto-sorting somewhat useless as you need to manually sort all of the Prophecy uniques again after clicking the button.

Examples: Fire Arrow Quiver (Blackgleam -> The Signal Fire), Leather Hood (Heatshiver -> Frostferno), Strapped Leather (Briskwrap -> Wildwrap), and so on. As far as I'm aware none of these upgraded uniques can drop naturally, so sorting based on their value doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

There are other problematic uniques (such as Gladius [Scaeva and The Iron Mass]) which are a bit more complicated but could probably be excluded from auto-sort too (as The Iron Mass for example only drops from Curio Displays).

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Has the generic "custom sounds" option been removed from filterblade? All of the "streamer" soundpacks have the files name "streamer-1currency.mp3" instead of the regular just 1currency.mp3.

In the presets there appears to be no option for the regular custom sounds.

This has broken a whole bunch of custom sound packs I have, and is requiring me to manually fix every lootfilter using find and replace to put the correct file names in place.

I am sure this has been answered many times, but it is a large thread.

I followed the video on the chaos recipe, but items drop with the colors for
chaos item 60-74 on ilvl 81-84. How do I remove the 801-84 or maybe just change their appearance?

I reread my post and it is not very clear.

I set a color scheme for border, backing and text. Rares drop using that scheme,
but they include ilvl 81-84 as well as the chaos one of 60-74.

How can I change it only get the recipe item on that color scheme, thanks.
You have a problem with the custom sounds. When we load the filter it change our selection and we have to rechange manually over and over.


Check my 3 filters. All 3 are exactly the same, except the first one, you made a new version by that date. Check the second and the third, I only changed the sounds so I can have 1 filter for a female character and another for a male character. Check the amount of modifications this is showing. How can it be ? (My first filter was using custom female sounds)

And could you please change the green/quest item inside a temple (a temple chamber we unlock from a map not the real/big temple) (the item for opening a passage) with alva master explorer from "currency" to something else ? With the community sound I use "MMOOONEY !!!!" it feel very weird to hear. It isn't money lol, this is a stone for opening a passage O_0

Edit : could you also normalize all community sounds please ? Make them all at the exact same volume. When we use a mix of sounds, some of them are higher and while we play this is a bit annoying.
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