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Could someone help me before I throw my keyboard on my monitor ? I spent 1 hour trying to figure how to do what I want and it isn't working. I think the filter maker has a bug...

I'm trying to make a semi-strict filter BUT with all flasks and gems at a quality of 5% and higher on all zones and all character lv appear (everywhere, forever, because I play like a newbie hahaha).

IT ISN'T WORKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want you to explain me how to do it, not doing it and giving me a link to download it. I have other options to change. I just want to load my filter working finely (except flasks/gems) and then modify it.

My filter : http://www.filedropper.com/filterbladedestrock

And something I would like to know is why the fuck I have some 65/68 area lv set in that filter instead of any lv but with a % to fine tune the qualities (like any area lv but >=1% if I want to disable it or just hide the whole block). And I think the filter lack some drop only gems in the list...

Edit : In endgame - general (lvl 65+) / flasks / quality life&mana flasks
itemlevel > 65 / quality >=15 it mean we can only see these flasks if they are 16-20% quality AND we can also see them only if the itemlevel of the flask is 64 and less. BUT WHO CARE THE ITEMLEVEL OMG THIS IS A FLASK !!! Better use "any" ! There is nothing under lv 65 that we can modify in your filter !? Make a "pro mode" lol cause I would use it. I'll have to add every life and mana flasks manually in the list now because there is only the divine and eternal...
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I managed, I think, to fix my gems problem but now, about the flasks, I think the filter is all fucked up... I made 2 short videos showing you my problem with the flasks. I think I found from where the problem come from but I have yet to find a solution...



What I want is this : From anywhere in the game and any character lv :

1. See all flasks with 5-20% quality
2. See all eternal life flasks (0-20 quality and any rarity)
3. See all quicksilver flasks (0-20 quality and any rarity)
4. See all stibnite flasks (0-20 quality and any rarity)
5. See all silver flasks (0-20 quality and any rarity)
6. See all granite flasks (0-20 quality and any rarity)
7. See all jade flasks (0-20 quality and any rarity)
8. See all quartz flasks (0-20 quality and any rarity)
9. See all basalt flasks (0-20 quality and any rarity)
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These options aren't clear enough :

What do you mean by "exclude T1/T2/ ? Do you mean all T1/T2 will not show in order to evade the too high lv itemlevel and be forced to make regals only OR do you mean they will show because we need them because T1 worth more money on poe trade individually ?

Chaos only use all chaos recipe, does it include t4 t3 t2 t1 ? (even on a semi-strict or strict version ?)

Chaos + regal overwrite all, what does the "overwrite all" mean ?

Chaos + regal T1/T2 do you mean only the T1 and T2 will show and then you make the chaos recipe out of them if you find nothing good to sell on poe trade but you lose less time xping (less grabbing while playing) ?

And by modifying these options, do we change the base filter ? I mean, if I use a "standard" but then use the chaos + regal T1/T2, do we endup in a "strict" version of the filter and we could have just picked the strict on the first place ?
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alfa38 wrote:
it seems now in filterblade rule for additional engame crafting bases overwrites chance bases, so sorceror boots not hightlighting as it should
(regular strictness)

That's the case yeah. This is a situation, where you'll have to disable one of the two rules on filterblade. In this case I don't know what the user priority is.

Hello everyone. For some reason there seems not to be an entry for atlas watchstones in filterblade anymore. Instead it seems to mix this rule from existing styles. Having customized the colors of my filter heavily, a watchstone right now has a horrible combination of forground and background color in my filter. And there is not way I can fix it beside editing it directly in the filter structure. Unfortunately this change is not persisted during save and relode. Would you kindly consider add a rule for watchstones under the quest items? Thank you in advance.

Should be back.

having trouble with the filter to get my lower tier heist gear to show up, I've adjusted and added rules for studded bracers, but no matter what they still don't show up as actually different. REALLY annoying as I've probably had gear dropping for ages but since they arn't set to actually show up I've missed them.

Checked, should be alright. Then again, we did some adjustments in last patch.

Hi, I'm not sure since which update it happened, but now filterblade places "Maps - Highlight & Hide" --> "Highlight & Hide specific maps" section into the very begin of the filter stucture for some weird reason. Its also named [[0400]] INFLUENCED MAPS in the filter file though there is no even an option for shaped/elder map in this part anymore. This change bricks my filter logic quite a lot, because i have multiple rules there to show every map tier slightly different, but it is supposed to work on regular maps - and now this section overrides Blighted maps (and, in fact, any other map rules). Would be great to not manually edit my filter after download by moving blight map rules above [0400] section:)

We can add that for the next update.

There appears to be a bug where ilvl 83 "Regicide Disguise Kit" (and only that tool) shows up even though all tools are marked to not be shown.Filter share link, if that helps:http://www.filterblade.xyz/?profile=chowriit&saveState=uber%20strict&platform=pcThe Simulator appears to be suggesting "Heist Tools" is causing it to be shown, but I have all tool filters turned to do not show.

Should be fixed

How can I filter contracts by level eg. filter the lvl 1-3's out and leave the 4-5's showing up? Maybe there say a way to filter by item text or something?

Currently no way.

It works!I changed the parameter as in the guide to another, and everything worked."1)Only affect T3 and lower items" changed to "5)Affect al rares".Apparently the structure of the filter has changed in 2 years.Did I change it correctly?

Should be alright, yeah the guide is outdated, I don't have time to make new video series right now.

<lots of text by Destrock>

There's multiple ways of achieving the result you want.

Probably the easiest thing you can do, if you want it to work for any level is to go to the very bottom of the customizer and add a new BaseType highlight rule, add the bases you want, set rarity to <= magic, quality to >= 5, and maximize it's strictness to affect the whole filter.

To address your other concerns, I intend to restructure the customizer a bit in the future to make it easier to perform these edits.


As for your chaos recipe question, "exclude T1/T2" means that T1/T2 will be highlighted the same way it was highlighted before and the chaos recipe highlight will affect all other items.

Overwrite all means it affects T1+T2. Once again, I agree the naming can be better.

The order of operations is the following.

First the server retrieves a file with the Base (Stable/SC/HC) + Strictness + Style combination. That means there's around ~250 different filters and the right combination is chosen. The server only provides the latest version.

Then presets are applied. Presets are basically "normal" changes, same things you do in the customizer. That means anything a preset does can also be done by hand.

So yeah it modifies the filter. Strict+Presets is different from normal strict or normal regular.
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