[LOOTFILTER] FilterBlade - editor, with lootgeneration & more - optimized for NeverSink's filter

"Could not connect: User filterblxxxx already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections"

I was having this issue today as well. That problem seems to be gone, but now I cannot load any of my saved filters from the site in order to make changes.
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Can not load a filter I created with the website and saved on the website (locally and via profiles, signed in via POE acc).

Do I have to leave the website open?

Error while connecting to PoE server: 430: Empty value in obj, raw input:

Update: It is working now. Can load a saved filter.
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It doesnt work properly in this league. Yesterday could not download, today can download, but the ones I do doesnt come with the changes I made, sounds, etc.

Oh it looks like a sync problem with the poe site, looks great now!
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Can't add citadel bow in chance section..don't know if that is meant to be like that
Just FYI that Semistrict blocks quality flasks while leveling by default...not sure if this is intended, I feel like this is a new change.
I hate filterbalde site because it's so damn complicated to get file download after filter customisation.

Oh god, just give me file and stop this sync fucking bullshit
I can't get Utility Flaks off of my filter. They keep showing up in maps even though I disabled all the Flask rules (Glassblower Recipe, Endgame Flasks Section and even leveling Flasks Section). I can't figure out what I am missing, is this a bug or some hidden rule that I am overlooking?

Everything else works fine, its only the Utility Flasks that keep showing up and it's not the first time I am using my own custom filter so I kinda know what I am doing.
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Now that you can make items drop with white sockets, any chance of a filter option for them? Or anyone know how to do it?
Seem to have found a bug with Filterblade....

Under - Advanced: Finetune Settings - Early Levels: Magic Items

Ive got the following disabled:
- Until Level 3
- Until Level 12 (small)

Until Level 12 (big) is still enabled, with all classes in the box checked.
There is NO class for "flasks" but yet the rule is applying to Magic Life Flasks that fit the item level restriction of that ruleset.
Is there a way to manually move the priority of a specific rule?
I've various rules hiding most items I can't use but that ends up hiding most items with a RGB link.

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