The Ascendant Class Changes

Vhlad wrote:
I wouldn't call that having the defining features of other ascendancy classes...

For occultist, it's wicked ward

For necro, it's having offerings affect you and ias/cast speed/damage per aura, scaled by aura effectiveness.

For elementalist, it's ele immune golems or free prolif. Conflux is ok but not the defining characteristic any more since the nerf, or if it was needed for a build the scion version is too situational to make the build reliable.

For chieftain, it's fire immune taunt totems

For berserker, it's cloaked in savagery (along with 100% uptime dual leech)

For pathfinder, it's a flask charge every 3s and status ailment immunity, along with lots of flask effect scaling

For guardian, it's radiant faith.

For inquisitor, it's inevitable judgment.

For gladiator, it's versatile combatant.

and so on

These are the defining features that determine which ascendancy we choose. They are the foundation upon which we build our character on. The scion is missing these in almost every case.

Yup, the "build-defining" features are certainly lacking.

But even then though, why take the build-defining stuff from other classes and half-ass them instead of actually making something more nuanced and interesting that sums up the class but does so in a different way than the actual baseline class? Like with Hierophant there's a combination of the totem stuff in Ritual of Awakening and the helmet boost from Illuminated Devotion.

I'll just link to the suggestion thread I made back in February about how the Ascendant can get more interesting things going:
zerker mini ascendancy looks like it sucks, better but meh class.
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Where's the beef?
Ruining Path of Exile balance since 2014
From worst class to best class in one patch.
While it's largely the passives changing, the "Path of" passives that allow you to start at another class's tree will also grant two additional passive skills so that players may gain an immediate increase in power when taking these points.

Do you mean passive points?
I like Synthesis. Deal with it.
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Scion was once a very popular class, but the Scion Ascendancy made the class least popular for ages.

Good to have this pretty girl back with more power!
Gladiator change makes it worse. Not being able to get more spell block is bad. Currently you can use Gladiator + Laz Stone to get 80% block > spell block. I think this should stay. Duelist Gladiator focuses on one handed weapons, so I think keeping that critical bit would help make Scion good for staff or bow block builds.

Saboteur is just straight up worse. Loses the resistance pen (which is basically the only psuedo-more multiplier besides Berserker the Scion gets from ascendancy). Loses the trap cooldown (which there is very little of on the tree) for a bunch of increased damage (which there's a ton of, on and off the tree) locked behind some garbage conditions. Waiting 4 seconds is the worst; literally useless for sunblast builds, exceeds the immortality time from the trap notables, and if an enemy doesn't set a trap off almost instantly, the odds of them setting it off at all start getting pretty poor. That could be 50% more damage and it'd still be bad.

I like most of the other changes. I'll probably play more Scion, even if she still seems a bit weaker than most of the other ascendancies.
looks like occultist and trickster for scion gonna be a strong combination for a nice hybrid life/es build.

Scion is the new meta.

Scion nerfs coming in patch 3.1.

Start your 3.1 Scion nerf outrage early!

"The 3.1 Scion nerfs have destroyed the game."
"You call this balance GGG?"
"I'm going back to Diablo 3."

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