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Eh? At first glance it doesn't seem to be much better. Some buffs here and there, but overall still lacking. Few extra points might help, but unsure if it is enough to turn the tide in Scion's favor... :@
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It's on par at best, but still underwhelming compared to what she could have.
A few short examples about what she should be able to fulfill with her ascendancies:
Have the Desecrate creates 2 additional corpses mod, but mostly be an Elementalist.
Have Mistress of Sacrifice, but mostly be an Assassin.
To have Inevitable Judgement and being mostly on the right side of the tree.
A relatively cheap alternative to pick any keystone from the passive tree.

Overall it is an underwhelming player attention driven reaction by GGG.
Again, GJ forum users for giving much attention to what needs it.
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Please just outsource the balance team. You clearly have no idea what defining features are.
Some of them are basically what they were before. Did you even look over them or just take the second draft from the ascendancy release?
Is this the quality we can expect for 3.0 or is it even lower?
With the defining features of other Ascendancy classes available and able to be paired with each other, this should increase the power of the Ascendant to be more comparable with other classes and enable some previously never before seen combinations.

Help, am I reading this wrong or are u saying that say NECRO + ELEM, RAIDER + DEADEYE, SLAYER + CHAMP, .... or all 3 NECRO + ELEM + OCC. Scion cant choice more than 1 Class defining feature point right now, but in 3.0 u can pair two or more of the Same Class defining points, then we would really see new combos. Or I'm just too tried to read ur engurish right...
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so much love for scion GGG... and so much hate as well -_-

Elementalist: 1 extra golem - PRAISE THE SUN
Assasin: 0.5 extra crit chance and more power charge chance - Good
Raider: 10% chance to frenzy charge on hit vs unique - praise the sun
Hierophant: 50% power charge chance when placing a totem - Thats Great!
Guardian: everything - Pretty interesting, will surely try it

Saboteur: ... what do you mean "have been armed for 4 seconds"? who even uses traps as actual traps instead of more multipliers?
Gladiator: bye bye spell block cause move speed from blocks is better than defences
Marauder: O_O dafuk is a nerf to berserker doing there? why no changes to chieftain? 10% extra chance to get endurance charges when hit is... ok but useless vs any boss

Ranger: I don't think move speed was what was laking here
Champion: 10% extra chance to fortify on MELEE hit ... unless we have 50% less atk speed now that changes nothing (we could have 5% chance to fortify on hit but that would help build divertity and we cant have that on a scion now can we?)
While it's largely the passives changing, the "Path of" passives that allow you to start at another class's tree will also grant two additional passive skills so that players may gain an immediate increase in power when taking these points.

Is that a mistake (as in did you mean 2 additional skill points)
Is there legit 2 extra passives skills per scion other class starting point that you are now mentioning, but not yet showing?
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Well..... it's an improvement from the state she's in now.... but that's not saying much.

The 'defining features' are almost entirely missing or broken, and so can't be paired. No self-offerings, no uninteruptable eshield recharge, no 100% life leach on being hit hard, no immunity to elemental ailments, no taunting leach to caster totems, no.... well, anything particularly remarkable.

There are some noticable buffs, but I'm still largely just seeing (often situational) 'increase' effects where other classes have 'more' or outright unique gameplay defining effects. Things like 20% increased eshield or 30% increased damage is good on the main passive tree, but we are supposed to expect more from ascendancies. Please, if you're not willing to share out the unique power effects, at least convert more scion effects from 'increase/decreases' to 'more/lesses' - ascendancies should be acting as a power multiplier to the main passive tree, not just a slight negligable addition.

The only thing that strikes me as being worth making anything around is adding 25% reduced curse effect to Guardian (opens the possibility of double Kirazu Soul Mantle without 5sec curse cleansings to utilize self-flagelation), and +1.5% crit for assassin. Might be able to pair them up for a neat crit totem build, perhaps. Otherwise it's all the same meh, but slightly better - without being remotely better enough to lure me away from the full classes.
ZaM wrote:
Wow, these are really weak changes to Scion. Might get a 5-10% bump in the number of people playing Scion after these changes but this is far from making the class competitive whatsoever.

"competitive" is an illusion. Something will be best no matter what, and people will cry about the not best thing no matter what. Seems strange that some points are being left as weak as they are (sabo, gladiator, champion to name a few), but the buffed nodes and +2 points is a nice buff for anyone who isn't in the 'min max at all costs cause 2k dps more matters when I'm only doing 2 million' camp.
getting exited for 3.0

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