The Ascendant Class Changes

Bet she still has epic derp face though.

HQuality wrote:
still not on par with other classes (especially w pathfinder) but much better

lif44 wrote:
Honestly, this wont change much. Unless the original ascendancies got nerfed to shit, they still will be better as long as the uber lab for scion is mediocre.

Ashriel wrote:
Yeah, this is pretty underwhelming. This was not the rework we needed.

OneOfDaZZZ wrote:
The problem with scion is the first ascendancy is worthless... Every other class gets gets q boost and scion gets the shaft.

TreeOfDead wrote:
What about other classes? They wont be changed at all?

Achilion wrote:
Meh. Not excited at all. Actually kinda dissapointed.

I stopped reading after I saw "build defining" and then took a look at Necromancer and the "Offering Skills also affect you" is not there. That's mostly why I even use it. Still gonna play Necro instead. Screw this.

ZaM wrote:
Wow, these are really weak changes to Scion. Might get a 5-10% bump in the number of people playing Scion after these changes but this is far from making the class competitive whatsoever.

Vhlad wrote:
I wouldn't call that having the defining features of other ascendancy classes...

For occultist, it's wicked ward

For necro, it's having offerings affect you and ias/cast speed/damage per aura, scaled by aura effectiveness.

For elementalist, it's ele immune golems or free prolif. Conflux is ok but not the defining characteristic any more since the nerf, or if it was needed for a build the scion version is too situational to make the build reliable.

For chieftain, it's fire immune taunt totems

For berserker, it's cloaked in savagery (along with 100% uptime dual leech)

For pathfinder, it's a flask charge every 3s and status ailment immunity, along with lots of flask effect scaling

For guardian, it's radiant faith.

For inquisitor, it's inevitable judgment.

For gladiator, it's versatile combatant.

and so on

These are the defining features that determine which ascendancy we choose. They are the foundation upon which we build our character on. The scion is missing these in almost every case.

Tuadh wrote:
Unfortunately, not a significant change, but a good start!

I make those my words.


if TLDR: SCION SUCK HARD before or after this changes.
I don'T get the combinations within the same class. Slayer + Gladiator, getting the reflect reduction and some extra block with bleed?
Or grabbing Pathfinder + Deadeye and if points allow, grab a Raider as well or life based EK nova charger with extra 4 points + potential pathing save?

Could be interesting
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Ty for scam <3
I see the culling strike was removed from Slayer, and the Berserker was slightly nerfed. It's almost like the Scion is intentionally being made bad lol

I like the additional 2 points but really it's still feels like there is no reason to build a Scion. I'm not sure how the changes will synergise with the changes to DOT and how particular damage scaling will work.

As of right now Scion still dead last on my list of characters to try in 3.0. Potentially never playing one again...we'll see.

On a side note, the only way I can see this current form of Scion working is if you get something Major from the inbetween stat nodes.

Like if the +40 strength node gave you additional + or % to life. the Dex notes gave you additional Dodge or evasion...idk something like that....and even then I still might not play a Scion LOL
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Today's word

-on a par with-

at the same level as someone or something

With the defining features of other Ascendancy classes available and able to be paired with each other, this should increase the power of the Ascendant to be more comparable with other classes and enable some previously never before seen combinations.


Help, am I reading this wrong or are u saying that say NECRO + ELEM, RAIDER + DEADEYE, SLAYER + CHAMP, .... or all 3 NECRO + ELEM + OCC. Scion cant choice more than 1 Class defining feature point right now, but in 3.0 u can pair two or more of the Same Class defining points, then we would really see new combos. Or I'm just too tried to read ur engurish right...


If that were so, then, Scion would be competitive.

Looking through all the wheel combinations, 4 picks would give her nice power, but no broken synergies that I can see. This is probably because the skills don't synergize and there's nothing defining in any of the sets given.

Let's say you pick Elementalist + Necro + Assassin + Trickster. Pretty high powered.

I see so much about what people would have liked or not change on a particular ascendance node, but I don't see much about real game changing things like are they saying we can have more then 1 ascendance node of a class. if So we can have 4 class defining ascendancy nodes after uber. Would be nice haha.
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This is nice GGG. Now I want to make a scion ☺☺☺
Actually, Just one last thing I have to say is this update really makes me feel kind of mad and a little bit like a fool.

When I saw this update I immediately said "YES!!!!!! I was so excited but now I must say it appears like it's going to be the same thing over again"

I have no doubt that 1 maybe 2 builds will be very strong with some of these changes. Much like Essence Drain there is bound to be a Meta Combination but it still seems so underwhelming. I never imagined that the class that is suppose to represent Versatility still represents all of the 1000s of ways you can suck.
GoldDragon32 wrote:
The 'defining features' are almost entirely missing or broken, and so can't be paired.

paired "defining features" accessible to the scion? where would be the reason to play any other class?

age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
still hoping for a design overhaul of the char's model and portrait.

she looks like a bomb shell from the 60's and dances like a horse in the circus. the portrait is quite fitting to give nightmares to children.

description is a bit harsh but you know what i mean.... :)
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
We need new portrait for Scion. Only reason I don't play her is because that thing is ugly compared to other classes like ranger and witch one. They are sexe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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