The Ascendant Class Changes

great! Please create a jewel for Shock Nova! </3
Honestly the scion has only really had two uses in the game so far.

1> When she had generic leach which was almost impossible to come by for spell-casters.

2> ES tank that could span the tree picking up %regen nodes.

ES is "potentially" non existent next patch and generic leach has been gone a while. I see no reason to use scion at all. Other classes are still MUCH better for everything. Sad she's my favorite character in the game.

Scion needs something completely unique to draw people to play the class. An extra few saved passives is really underwhelming.
hype occultist+raider
The TL;DR here is

Crit Pathfinder any skill now.

+1.5% Base + Infinite charges

Here are the things that still suck

Necromancer, Saboteur, Trickster, Champion, Gladiator, Juggernaut, Berserker, Hierophant, Guardian, Inquisitor

Interesting Combos:

The Baron Necromancer + Slayer giving you perma regeneration
- Achieve 1k strength
- Zombies hit things, cause you to regenerate from their leech
Level 25 Zombie Damage 1015–2537 3552 avrg, 0.85 aps - 3019 DPS (60 hp/sec per zombie)
Your Strength is added to your Minions 1000 str = 200% dmg - 9057 DPS (181 hp/sec per zombie)
say we have 400% dmg, 100% more dmg, that's 30,192 DPS per zombie (603 hp/sec per zombie)
You can get 5 from tree, 3 from +1000 str, that is 11 zombies. which is 6642 hp/sec.
That isn't including attack speed bonuses, which you could get well into +60% APS
3552 * 400% *100% more *1.36 APS = 48,307 DPS = 966 regen/sec * 11 = 10,627 hp/sec and 531k dps
Imagine if you give your flasks to your minions

Deadeye + Elementalist Freezing Pulse
- Deals with reflect
- Gives you the proj speed you need
- Able to skip 10+ travel nodes
- Worse than just being an assassin because it requires 4 Trials, and has a terrible start. Pretty much the problem with EVERY scion is that the starter nodes suck. You spend all these points traveling for stuff that other classes could of just gotten earlier- and look at that. They're already 10 levels ahead of you because your clear is terrible.

EE isn't reliable early
The elemental cluster isn't where it needs to be (Wrong side completely)
The elemental cluster isn't any better than other nodes
The minion cluster isn't useful early- minions scale with level, not nodes.
The life wheel is irrelevant pre-a4 cruel
The evasion wheel is the most underused path for good reasons, it's a billion points for a layered defense that isn't good early.
The ES wheel isn't useful early because you're scaling ES off it's BASE level. Vaal Regalia, not 100% increase of a 60 ES Chest piece with no flask interactions(Flasks carry early-game.)
Projectile Damage + Resists going out meets with no offensive cluster that anyone ever picks up, besides >maybe< berserking attack speed wheel
Harrier is the best way out, but only entertains movement skills, because no melee build would ever consider starting as a scion and going RIGHT as all the bulk damage nodes- besides daggers/claws are even remotely close.
Casters going to harrier are rewarded pre-30, but fall off unless they go proj dmg.
Mana way out serves no purpose, life regen is only useful for Righteous Fire- and that isn't an early-game build. People play something else and regret at 80 to RF. Unless they're extremely lucky.


The problem isn't fixed.
Scion nodes are still the issue.
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Icewave21 wrote:

Gladiator has literally nothing. 4% Block Chance? 20% Bleed Chance? 30% Increased damage with a kill condition??? 3% Movement speed for each block in the last 4 seconds???? That's awful.

More than awful, it is actually a nerf to Scion's Gladiator. That 30% block chance applied to spell was very valuable, so losing it gives a big blow to Scion block builds.

Then again, not many play Scions to voice out this concern. :(
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Dunno why you cut some of the old mods guess just to all offer only 4 mods.
Gladiator just need that chance of block to spells.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
pro sapper here,

let's go straight to the point suggested changes for saboteur subclass are terrible or in your words "This is a nerf". After these changes i can't imagine i would go scion sab. instead of other classes for my sapper build.

what made saboteur a viable option for a trapper was 20% trap cooldown recovery speed - gone

mines penetration for a mine build was never a deciding factor so i don't mind seeing it gone in favour of something else but,

the 2 new mods are absolutely garbage. MS after mine/trap placed alright whatever not bad not game changing, but trap/mines 50% inc. damage after 4s of armed delay doesn't make sence, only situation where you would benefit from it right now (clear speed meta) is when you wait for boss to pop up (shaper, malachai) or for opening strongboxes

I don't want to be just negative so here are my suggestion of what a trapper or a miner truly need based on my sapper experience:
  • mine laying speed, trap cooldown recovery!!!
  • chain reaction or sunblast effect, arming speed
  • aoe, trigger radius
  • blinded enemies take x% increased damage from traps/mines aka more
  • extra life regen, energy shield recharge start when placing trap/mine; (small leech maybe)

This I can call good changes, that is totally wrong.
For example why Necromancer path dont have minion bonuses, more specters or zombies? Isn't necro path around minions? Then make it. Not as pair to guardian for insane boost to auras and then cry again about nerf.
Necromancer not need to be used for aurabots only.

And again that brainless hype, do does guys know anything about game except wrote hype on forum and google builds.
Eh, better I suppose.
Idk if it does enough since for the most part they are still weaker versions of what their respective classes already do, but costing more points. As opposed to a viable alternative. While there are a few that do offer something that their classes don't, this is exceedingly few and far between.

I really don't see enough here to justify the Scion over other classes unless it's for the specific reason of joining two distant parts of the passive tree together.

I still just can't help but think that the entire philosophy behind the Scion Ascendant is wrong.
Which is a shame as it used to be my most played class, and now it's my least and this change will do nothing to fix that.
Wow! The next great change for 3.0, I'm really impressed by now.

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