In the upcoming 3.0.0 Beta, the Ascendant (Scion Ascendancy) class will undergo some significant changes that focus on making the class more powerful and on-par with the other classes. We've done this by taking some of the more build-defining features from the other eighteen Ascendancy classes and incorporating them on the Ascendant tree.

Almost the entire Ascendant tree has changed. With the defining features of other Ascendancy classes available and able to be paired with each other, this should increase the power of the Ascendant to be more comparable with other classes and enable some previously never before seen combinations.

While it's largely the passives changing, the "Path of" passives that allow you to start at another class's tree will also grant two additional passive skills so that players may gain an immediate increase in power when taking these points.

Check out the full tree changes below.

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life based scion builds, thats it!
Bet she still has epic derp face though.
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