The Ascendant Class Changes

So Reflect stays in the game? Meh
Honestly, this wont change much. Unless the original ascendancies got nerfed to shit, they still will be better as long as the uber lab for scion is mediocre.
GGG, I've been salty the past few days about 3.0.... But THANK YOU for giving Scions some love. BlessRNG
Maybe one day GGG will realize we don't like Labyrinth. ha.
Completed 18 Challengesetaloisuf wrote:
So Reflect stays in the game? Meh

this sad :/
finally a buff to my fav class. thanks ggg <3
Still the same useless skills. Occultist has no changes at all. Berserker node was... NERFED ??? My scion will suck even more in 3.0.
Since I will likely never attain any Ascendancy points under the current system, this news is neither good nor bad for me.
This is a buff.
jesus this rework looks so awefull. at max maybe elementalist + anything for your build could be mediocre.
Yeah, this is pretty underwhelming. This was not the rework we needed.
No fun allowed.™

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