The Ascendant Class Changes

I wouldn't call that having the defining features of other ascendancy classes...

For occultist, it's wicked ward

For necro, it's having offerings affect you and ias/cast speed/damage per aura, scaled by aura effectiveness.

For elementalist, it's ele immune golems or free prolif. Conflux is ok but not the defining characteristic any more since the nerf, or if it was needed for a build the scion version is too situational to make the build reliable.

For chieftain, it's fire immune taunt totems

For berserker, it's cloaked in savagery (along with 100% uptime dual leech)

For pathfinder, it's a flask charge every 3s and status ailment immunity, along with lots of flask effect scaling

For guardian, it's radiant faith.

For inquisitor, it's inevitable judgment.

For gladiator, it's versatile combatant.

and so on

These are the defining features that determine which ascendancy we choose. They are the foundation upon which we build our character on. The scion is missing these in almost every case.
Never underestimate what the mod community can do for PoE if you sell an offline client.
Thanks for fixing the Scion tree finally.

One more thing, could you please be kind enough to bring the good old pretty Scion character icon back ? I deleted my Lv100 Scion coz that new icon is hurting.
Why most of skills gives 50% of class bonuses, but not berserk?
Aspect of Carnage gives 40% more dmg but +10% damage taken , but scion has +5% damage taken and only 10% more dmg...
It should be 2.5% dmg taken and 10% more dmg, or 5% dmg taken and 20% more dmg.
ES-life balance: check
Scion ascendant buff: check

Good job balance team,good job.
Unfortunately, not a significant change, but a good start!
great job!
will we get some love for Hierophant aswell?
The ascendant passives are actually competitive now. It's no longer go slayer and arbitrarily pick another passive if you're melee. Real choices, more passives (4 new ones total). The only thing I miss about the old choice is the culling strike for slayer.

I'm still looking at the passives and I think Inquisitor kind of missed the mark. 120% increased crit chance against enemies with status ailments is terrible considering immunity. The real defining feature would be penetrating elemental resistance on critical strikes.

Assasin is still underwhelming. The part against enemies on full life is NOT the best part of it. The best part is deadly infusion/extra chaos damage/critical chance and multiplier. Please fix this.

I still think my idea of being able to use other class's ascendancies from the starting point is a bit better.

That could come up as an alternative to this hybrid stuff.
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it's better than before, but i believe the scion should be allowed to choose 2 points (max.) from 4 of the of the other classes (8 points) and/or choose their starting points.

I'm more likely to play a scion in beta now, however.
So if im reading this correctly you get an extra 2 points from the starting point nodes so thats 5 Total Extra Passive points as well as 2 class's for Scion now? Thats actually pretty nice. 5 Extra Points on any build is huge. I think people may be missing that part. You only got 3 Extra Passives before.
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