The Ascendant Class Changes

What about other classes? They wont be changed at all?
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Wish you would just get rid of the stupid stat nodes. Then after uber we could either have 2 classes + 2 class starts, 3 classes + 1 start, or 4 classes. Some true freedom to mix and match, also end the blandness of the first lab reward.
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Amazing changes, finally getting some love for Scion.

Thank you :)
who cares. I'd rather see a follow up to the ES manifesto.
Meh. Not excited at all. Actually kinda dissapointed.
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Wow, these are really weak changes to Scion. Might get a 5-10% bump in the number of people playing Scion after these changes but this is far from making the class competitive whatsoever.
This does seem a bit underwhelming. the raider seems to have been buffed slightly, but everything else is so minimal. It appears as if they are afraid to make Scion too OP, so they take it from severely underpowered to underpowered. Was looking for a bit more from the berserker specifically.
I wouldn't call that having the defining features of other ascendancy classes...

For occultist, it's wicked ward

For necro, it's having offerings affect you and ias/cast speed/damage per aura, scaled by aura effectiveness.

For elementalist, it's ele immune golems or free prolif. Conflux is ok but not the defining characteristic any more since the nerf, or if it was needed for a build the scion version is too situational to make the build reliable.

For chieftain, it's fire immune taunt totems

For berserker, it's cloaked in savagery (along with 100% uptime dual leech)

For pathfinder, it's a flask charge every 3s and status ailment immunity, along with lots of flask effect scaling

For guardian, it's radiant faith.

For inquisitor, it's inevitable judgment.

For gladiator, it's versatile combatant.

and so on

These are the defining features that determine which ascendancy we choose. They are the foundation upon which we build our character on. The scion is missing these in almost every case.
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Thanks for fixing the Scion tree finally.

One more thing, could you please be kind enough to bring the good old pretty Scion character icon back ? I deleted my Lv100 Scion coz that new icon is hurting.

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