A new ascendancy options and/or a (fraction of) ascended scion rework

Give a fourth ascendancy subclass option to all 6 classes (expect prestige class, scion) to make possible to use nodes from all three ascendancy subclasses per class, at the cost of only being able to have SIX points to spend (the first lab would reward no points, only the option to choose this 4th ascendancy subclass option). Alternatively (if it is too much OP), only allow FOUR points to spend (1 per lab completion).


Rework the scion's ascendant (or give her three ascendancies, maybe). One of her options being to allow her to choose ONLY one class (only marauder, for example) and from there being able to choose any points from the ascendancy subclasses of this class (berserker, juggernaut and chieftain, in the example), at the cost of only being able to have SIX points to spend (the first lab would reward no points, only the option to choose this type of ascendancy subclass). Alternatively (if it is too much OP), only allow FOUR points (1 per lab completion).

I personally prefer the first option. But something likewise could be done to the scion, with the same mentality (a new option, less points, more flexibility).

Reasons for suggestion:
1 - I liked ascendancies more when we had 6 points to allocate on them, instead of 8, because on almost all ascendancies, I don't find anything useful to do with the 8th point. It actually annoys me to no end, because it not only doesn't help my builds, but also stays mostly as an unused bonus and I feel VERY OCD with this kind of thing. So it leaves me with two options: make a more restricting build (forced to use THAT skill and THOSE items) OR be terribly affected by my OCD, not being able to play as I want (like I used to, before ascendancies and the 8th point)... this bugs me so much that sometimes I choose to not use ascendancies at all, just to prove I don't need them and also to free me form this tormenting feeling. With six points, my characters wouldn't be so powerful, but it would be easier to put everything I allocated to good use.

2 - C'mon! The scion need at least three subclasses! It's already bad enough that she isn't much interesting in her only ascendancy option... There's so many interesting things that could be done with her, to give her more of a personal identity between the other ascendancies. I liked when you said her ascendancy would be about walking through the tree and I also like that she's the jack of all trades and the master of none, but she needs to feel special, like all other classes, not just a weaker version of everything, she needs to feel unique! +1 to passive skill points? Pfff! Give us FIVE passive skills points at the cost of 2 ascendancy points, that's approximately how much they are worth, right (if not less)? I'd love to have significantly more point to spend on the tree with the scion, and no, her ascendancy (or ascendancies) doesn't need to be all about that. Look at how clunky her ascendancy feels, so many node in so tight of a space! Three ascendancies, some sharing of those points, and the creation of some more nodes would make it more spacious and neat.

3 - More options is always nice, as long as it isn't confusing! I don't think those are confusing, that's why I'm suggesting. The game has so many many many more confusing features added to it...! Those who like to use the eight points would still have them. We could only get another option, this time with less points to spend. I know the lore says there was 19 challengers that succesfuly got to the end of the lab, but what if the classes choose not to follow anyone in particular, but instead absorb a small portion of teachings from all of them, so that they could build their own style? We could also get to have more artwork (for the fourth ascendancy options or the scion options), which is LOVELY (except for the scion ascendancy artwork, her face/eyes/expression looks horrible u.u))! Is it too expensive to make concept art for games?! Why do we have so little? Because I loved how you added pictures for all classes (expect scion, that don't have any ¬¬) on the background of the skill tree.

3 - I want to be able to do THIS:
Make a combo with wicked ward and/or vile bastion (from the occultist ascendancy) and shaper of desolation and/or beacon of ruin (from the elementalist ascendancy). Why? Because I hate allocating points in wicked ward and vile bastion and being left with the chaos/curse/critical options alone for the next 2 points. I don't like the combo I'm offered with those 8 points! It was all nice and dandy when it was six, but 8 is being too much! Too restricting! If I had SIX points to choose, it would be OK. But I have EIGHT. I won't use those EIGHT points, because I don't want to specialize in chaos skills with curses or crit builds. Hell, give me just 4 points to be able to do something like this! It's the same with many other classes: chieftain forcing me to go fire/totem/AoF, guardian forcing me to go auras/minions/party-oriented (I love Time of Need, and maybe prayer of glory of bastion of hope, but I basically don't like anything else along with it! Even if it is strong! I just don't like them together with the rest!). I also hate deadeye for the same reasons, it's too restrictive with 8 points! What am I going to use as a deadeye? A single skill gem as a main skill? Spamming blast rain until my finger goes numb? I don't like to play like that! I'm sorry, I know everyone in this game chooses to have a single skill gem to spam it and slowly kill every neuron in their brains with repetition, repetition and more repetition, but I don't like that! I want to have an arsenal I can use for different situations and in different play-styles! I loved how you added orb of storms and frost bomb because of that! I love totems, puncture, golems and curses because of that! You can use them differently and complementarily! They're not meant to be a single skill main skill spam (in principle), they are to be used with other stuff! I can say the same about saboteur and champion, they are too restricting!... SIX points! Or even FOUR points! This would make me happy!
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https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1900598 is a thread i Just started to contain other threads or ideas like this.
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