The Ascendant Class Changes

Hmm. When I saw the "Ascendant class changes" news I was so excited. But as it often happens, I did not get anything interesting. Everything looks very lazy, it seems to me that some people in the GGG don't do their job well.

I just want to say that the Scion is an interesting character and she must have all unique ascendancy skills no one else can do. Like "50% chance to gain a power charge when place a totem" Hierophant path and so on. Please show us your creativity GGG. With Scion Ascendancy you can do a lot of interesting things. IMHO. Thank you.
elwindakos wrote:
Raghin wrote:
While it's largely the passives changing, the "Path of" passives that allow you to start at another class's tree will also grant two additional passive skills so that players may gain an immediate increase in power when taking these points.

Is that a mistake (as in did you mean 2 additional skill points)

the "Path of" passives that allow you to start at another class's tree will also grant two additional passive

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Please refrain from using partial context (You cut off the other portion of my question derp). Path of passives is the node name. A Passive point / skill point is what goes into the actual nodes.

PASSIVE SKILLS (nice and clear for you) are often referred to as actual abilities such as the ones on the major nodes just shown on the ascendancy tree. I asked if he meant skill point (those things you get on level up yah know bro?) rather than two additional PASSIVE SKILLS (which would imply an ability is gained on the node itself such as what is on each of the class specific ascendancy nodes)

If you can't understand the "why this is being asked" then you don't understand the question or DESIRED reference to possibly getting something better than extra skill points. So, don't answer it?
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Essence Drain just got better looking for Scion.

These are def improvements, but hard to see choosing Scion over any other ascendancy still

Removing Culling strike from Slayer sucks :/
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well, rip cullingstrike slayer passive, but hello reflect reduction and extra golem. definitely looking forward to see how things come together in 3.0
For example I would NEVER choose the necromancer node before or post update, its pure shit compared to the actual necromancer ascendancy, the same goes for every non shadow/ranger node.

Remove this fucking class or actually get creative and come up with interesting abilities that embody the unlimited potential the scion is supposed to represent. This is the laziest design I've seen from you guys.

#word :D
exactly my thoughts like 100%

sad thing is that I would really love to play her...
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Normally I'm more of a "white knight" here on the forums. Enjoying the overpowered, double-dip builds getting nerfed to balance things. But now I'm seeing the pattern with GGG. Nerfs that don't address the real balance issues, and "buffs" in all the wrong directions.

What I've seen...

First CoC. Ok, I understand that one. Makes sense, but furbars the builds using it. And completely wipes all hope of any casual, secondary CoC mechanics mixed into builds. Over zealous nerf.

Next Melee. What? And the audacity to call it a "buff".

Then AoE. Buffing some aspects, nerfing others, net result is just less AoE for all, instead of what it was supposed to address.

Now ES. Same scenario: we'll buff life a little (but not enough), then nerf the heck out of ES (without buffing lower level ES). I understand reducing that ridiculous 25K and higher values of ES, but this follows the same pattern: GGG PR trying to soften the blow by calling this a buff to life.

And now Scion. Full on PR campaign of "woo-hoo, we're buffing Scion", only to see that you're gimping the heck out of ascendancy passives. No one asked for this, WTF?

GGG, for a long time you've been nerfing the overpowered builds-of-the-temp-league, and then others get a little fallout from the over zealous nerfs. I was fine with that. But now you're doing the same crap to under-powered builds. We intentionally make these builds to avoid the nerf wagon. But what do you do? You smack us upside the head anyways and insult us by calling it a "buff".
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my joke build got buffed :D

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