Extension of Legacy League

seanxjohnson wrote:
A game company that clearly listens to the community? GGG on top, well done.

By that you mean new players starting the game? Global is flooded with them.
Thanks! This is good all around!
Crap.... bought so much stuff in legacy for standard characters haha
Bravo, thanks
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Long time player here. Not happy about this. Would rather have some time to craft/play with my legacy acquisitions in standard before 3.0.
eh I don't like this at all. I like Legacy league but I cannot wait for it to end so I can transfer my gear to standard and play with those characters.



PS: Sorry for the caps, just had to highlight stuff :P
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WHAT!!! most people i know are have already quiit Legacy league and I am looking for it's ending. Which [Removed by Support] want to extent this league???
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imo this league is the most annoying ever realeased but apparantly people like it so, thanks, I suppose..
Vhlad wrote:
I've been waiting to play my standard characters, using gear from legacy, so I'm disappointed by this.

You guys KILLED standard zana for legacy league. Standard players really need some love. The temp league should have ended and GGG should have ran events on standard, like adding legacy content (or at least breach!) to standard for 2 months.

Now standard will have completely broken zana mods with barely any league content for at least 5 months straight. That's a pretty harsh snub to ~15% of your playerbase.

Currently leveling my character in standard towards 100(cz its my frist character in dis game). Got tons of leather belts but no zana nemesis mod, and friends and I sell our gears to got keys to end our leagues, personally bought many ambush & domination leaguestones just think when legacy goes to end it will do some help, also bought some stuff in legacy for standard characters, oh and tons of maps anyway.

PLZ AT LEAST We should have an opportunity to chioce
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i got mixed feelings about this.. sure its fun to play legacy league, but some of us just want to move on.. 3 month league means i'll play it for 2.. now that there's an extension it feels like im playing a secondary standard server lol

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