Extension of Legacy League

Thank you so much! I'm so glad I can finally play the game after years and Legacy is the perfect assortment of quests to get me back up to speed.
Imho that's better than keeping only Standard/Hardcore leagues for a long time until 3.0.
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Is this likely to affect when we will find out if Leaguestones are being kept?

I assume that decision has likely been made quicker than most previous league mechanics. One way or the other, it's definitely something I'm interested to read about. Especially any changes to them, assuming they do end up sticking around. I didn't find Leaguestones interesting as the focus of a league but I do think they improve the game. However if you are going to keep them, it wouldn't hurt to revisit the default stash size. Essences + Leaguestones = rip F2P folks.
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Haha, THANKS!!
Now I have no excuse to not reach Shaper SSF.
Defeating him will be another thing :).
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Thanks for extending the league GGG!
thank you very much GGGs you are the best :)
Price on poe.trade goes crazy now ...
I hope the challenges will be deactivated during the extension so that they are not trivialised!
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Thanks so much from someone who wishes he had as much time as love for this game!!!

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