Damage Over Time Changes - Part 2

Completed 9 ChallengesKGabQr wrote:

True GGG stupid kill Path of Exile more nerfed.

Explosive Arrow ignite rip, Caustic Arrow useless, Fireball,...

AoE nerfed....

more nerfed...

Monstre & Boss never nerfed.

Map mod: Monsters 100% ignite hit, Posion hit, extra damage,.... idiot GGG.

Map mod: 20%,40%,60% less regen, no regen. Idiot.

Lol so many people in this thread can't cope with having builds nerfed. Love it.
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I'm not sure if anyone brought this up or if anyone feels the same way but I feel that "damage multiplier" could be quite misleading. My recommendation would be to call it "ailment modifier":

Completed 3 ChallengesRory wrote:
Damage Ailments and Critical Strikes

Your Critical Damage Multiplier will now not influence Poison, Bleeding and Ignite damage, as a result of these ailments no longer being based on the final damage of your hit. Instead, players and monsters now have a property called Damage Multiplier for Ailments from Critical Strikes, which boosts the damage of Ignite, Poison and Bleed caused by critical strikes.

Since, to me, damage multiplier include any and all damage I do. This could be especially confusing for new players and (being an old player myself) veterans. It just doesn't fit with the, mostly, literal explanation of what is modified. I could see adding in a sub-tip like you have been doing lately but the title of "damage multiplier" is quite misleading when it refers to strictly ailment damage. I wouldn't be afraid of people thinking that ailment damage would refer to freeze, chill, and shock because those don't inherently do damage. But, calling something a damage multiple infers that it affects anything that does damage.

Just my observation. Curious as to what GGG thinks or perhaps could you explain the reasoning behind calling it damage multiplier instead of something more literal, like ailment [damage] multiplier?

Pre-edit: Now that I have re-read my post (before posting) do you mean to call it "Damage Multiplier for Ailments from Critical Strikes". If that is the case then it seems quite winded. Perhaps I am just confused (we certainly cant rule that out!).
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Congrats Chris & others for cashing out! I don't blame you. I'll be saving money now... unless I start making a lot more. Can't wait to see if you guys start a new studio in six years! RIP GGG
My only concern is yet another nerf to attack based builds in the form of WED being nerfed because too many people use it. In the current state of the game if you don't use more multiplier supports then you are falling way behind on damage.

Surely a better solution would be to either get rid of more multipliers completely (not going to happen) or to make other support gems better so that people actually have a choice of supports.

Nerfing WED will not make it any less ubiquitous unless it is absolutely destroyed. So the action taken will not produce the presumed aim of more variety in supports used.
Sooo there's like 3 support gems left (the new WED, Less Duration and Void Manipulation) that boost both DoT effects and hits? Won't that make DoT effects absolutely pointless for any builds that isn't completely built around those? And why would I even bother building around those DoT that I can't scale with attack speed/cast speed and that deal half the damage on an attack per second?

I mean, yes double dipping was completely broken, but I really can't see the point of this whole new system.
Every time.....

step 1. New OP skill/mechanic becomes commonly abused.
step 2. GGG lets it run to end of a league(sometimes longer)
step 3. GGG announces changes to mechanic.
step 4. General population of POE goes into epic meltdown and declares that POE is dead now.
step 5. Changes go live, old skill/mechanic proves to be still viable but not silly OP.
step 6. Repeat from step 1.

One of the reasons this game keeps me coming back is the fact that there is a new skill/mechanic to learn and abuse.
Complexity for the sake of complexity. Whether or not this is a buff or a nerf, this is just more work. I will just wait and see how this goes.
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"Damage Multiplier for Ailments from Critical Strikes" doesn't really roll off the tongue lol
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A lot of player look a like not haappy with this , im afraid the ratings gonna go down if ggg keep going with this ....
Path of Exploits is dead :) Long live Path of Exploits!!
This is getting too confusing with the special cases where projectile damage applies to poison but most of the time it doesn't, etc.
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