Damage Over Time Changes - Part 2

aleksandor wrote:
Lord_Tao wrote:

Also Phys damage will scale bleed as well as the attack. "Physical damage with attacks" may not scale bleed though.

The problem is that 99% of the nodes on a tree are "Increased physical melee damage". there's virtually no Nodes outside of path of the warrior that have generic "increased physical damage". I.E., they will do NOTHING to increase bleed damage. Not even STRENGTH scales dots as it increases MELEE physical damage; the primary stat of physical damage characters WILL NOT scale bleed. Strength not affecting bleed is just bad design.
The only thing that will scale bleed is the paltry increased bleed and damage over time clusters, and generic "increased damage" stuff like the juggernaut's increased damage per endurance charge.

Thing is, Bleed has a very low base damage as is (Its now 30% of the skill's damage when stationary, which is higher than before, but without being able to scale virtually at all compared to previously), and WILL NOT scale with what are, by far, the two most overpowering multipliers of damage: Crit and attack speed. (they stated they are adding in a keystone to make crit multipliers benefit bleed, but unless its super huge its going to be more of a loss than a gain even on heavy bleed builds since it reduces your normal crit damage)
as is, your "normal" increased damage node for bleeding is a paltry +25% bleed damage: compare with a +12% melee physical damage node, which multiples WITH Attack speed, crit, AND elemental damage conversion (Hatred and HOA) and scaled 100% of the skill's physical damage rather than the Bleed's 30% per second.

The fact that bleed can't scale with crit and attack speed and starts at a low damage amount of 30% of skill physical damage means that it needs to either scale MASSIVELY with dedicated damage over time/bleed nodes (which it doesn't, as +25% increased bleed damage is a joke) or have a HUGE modifier gem of some kind to make those small %increased damage modifiers and low base bleed damage worth something(like a +x% more bleed damage gem-- and something BIG for that amount).
as is, its pretty damned weak even if you invest heavily into bleed damage.

Compare How Poison isn't quite as fuxored by this change since poison can stack, so it can multiply with attack speed, but its nodes % increased damage are roughly the same as Bleed nodes.

Hell, this currently runs into the issue of having a hard time scaling bleed damage with gear progression: more Str on gear, crit, Attack speed-- none of that will scale your Bleeds, only +base physical damage and generic % increased phys stats on armor.
I know GGG stated that gear will come with %increased bleed damage on gear now, but that's a big opportunity cost, and would need the bleeds to have a multiplier of some sort or bigger base damage for it to really offset the way they have it set up.

SonicPLD2 wrote:

Yeah ! Let's then make the magical builds wear full plate armor and become hit resistant.

>Magical builds routinely keep up full endurance charges, cheese fortify with blade flurry, and can use things like arctic armor or lightning coil

POE has had tanky mages and ranged characters for a LONG time.

Yeah, but you are preaching to the choir here ;) I have been very vocal on the double nerf to dot (tripple nerf due to lack of crit multiplier that didn't double dip int he first place) in other threads.

Since people were confused, I just limited my reply to clarify how it works.

Also ZiggyD had a document commented on by GGG and DOT now has its own crit multiplier starting also at a base of 150%. Its just you can't get increases to it, other than the new passive node. It is still stupid, but just wanted to inform people about that detail when they go forth and make the case of how awful the new system is.
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Sorry total noob here.
Do weapon passives go to base damage?, does it work differently for global or local passives?
What about "extra damage" does that count towards "added damage"?

Aaaaaand there goes all possibility of me doing a Doryani's Fist build this league....its been my thing for the last 6 leagues. Just ask all my peeps.
Are ailments applied by minions considered minion damage?

Are ailments applied by totems considered totem damage?
Fairly sure this is a negative, but I'll ask anyway:

Let's say I want to use Ice Spear + Cold to Fire for ignites. Will bonuses to Cold damage affect the strength of the Ignite, on the basis that the Fire damage providing the base for it has been converted from Cold?
What about Berserker (+40% more)? Right now that node HUUUUGE nerfed as it dont double damage anymore, but it has 10% damage taken that suicide for sure as monsters and boss HP+damage was boosted.
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Why no bleed damage on claws? Or is that already an affix?
Singularity platinum sceptre increased damage with hit and aliments but it have increased for DoT like RF or ED?
the weapon elemental damage is replaced only in new item or in old and new item ?
Rory wrote:

Ailment Immunities

Some of Path of Exile's most challenging bosses have always had inbuilt immunities to ailments. These were both to prevent certain ailments trivialising certain content, and for thematic reasons. We're going to be removing the majority of these immunities, so they don't punish ailment-focussed builds.

We intend to make changes to Chill and Shock that we'll be trying out during the beta to further help this situation, making ailments more useful against very high-health enemies without them making the content too easy. We'll be revealing more information about this later.

Some bosses that had Freeze Immunity will instead have a slow protection effect, so they won't be immobilized by Freeze. Instead, they'll be slowed significantly.

So. I think it is the time to explain exactly what you guys are meaning when talking about "slow protection".
Does that mean that bosses can only be chilled? Or that the freeze status is converted in a "super" chill against bosses? (I hope the right answer is the latter, coz if it was the former then that would have mean that bosses ARE still immune to freeze.)
And if the right answer is the latter one, how this works?
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