Friend bought 15 keys and got garbage.

I've found one exalt and one key, so by my reckoning they are as rare as an exalt.

This i was not expecting given the level of trash in them, i was expecting them to be somewhat more common.

Then again, i havent found a divine orb yet so keys are more common than divine? hrm lool.
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Good stuff.



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3 keys so far. 1 perandus shield, 1 Pre-buff Covenant (lol) and 1 Legacy Windripper.

This Windripper will probably give me the most satisfying league I've played so far since it's so gratifying attacking so fast and doing all crits all the time.

I don't know how someone who had access to 15 keys could quit. That's obviously a person with access to good market income and manipulation, which would allow him/her to play whatever build they enjoy instead of the meta bs required to rush. And that would be an awesome asset to have.
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LOL @ people still hating on Diablo 3. Seriously, get over it!

It's not the best ARPG out there, but it completely smashes most of these junk, indie, diablo clones.

You all are just salty that Blizzard took a franchise you were fanboyish about and didn't deliver exactly what you wanted when you wanted it. Entitlement much?

At least you can actually play self found in D3 without completely garbage drop rates. And the game isn't pay-to-win anymore. The new D3 is considerably better than the D3 with RMAH. And most of you haters probably haven't even tried the new game. I don't think RMAH is a mistake that Blizzard is going to repeat with future planned Diablo titles.

I personally think instanced looting on teams is one of the best new mechanics added to ARPGs. It allows people to team and not worry about team members who sandbag just to get more opportunities to ninja loot items. People can focus on actually killing stuff on the screen, then worry about grabbing drops later without having their shit ninja looted. Besides, ARPGs are about killing stuff in mass quantities, not forcing people to play market simulators to have any shot at competing.

Diablo 4, whenever it comes out is likely to be extremely solid out the gate, unlike D3 was, because I think they learned their lessons.

Gameplay wise, performance wise, and fun factor wise, D3 is more fun to play than PoE, IMO. It's refreshing to be able to play a game and not have to worry about being undergeared because you're not very good at market simulator.

Never was p2w. I beat orgional d3 when it was hard with no money because I didnt have a credit card. Drop rates were so called bad but reality is its getting to god mode not god mode itself thats fun. Otherwise we'd all sit in std with our GG gear and rock in roll. D3 gives god mode way too ez now.

Self found in this game is about right.
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My first key gave me
1 week , bought 15 keys and self-fckd meh sorry for such words. I got 1(A1 cruel) and still need to cash-out it :)

P.S. RotC bow ^^^ wow to get to my ranger such beuty :)
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Nenjin wrote:
The end game in D3 is equally if not more shit than PoE to me. PoE at least I feel like something can happen in endgame maps that I find interesting. Something I haven't seen. There's randomness, variety, the challenge is metered, you feel like you've accomplished something even if the grind is epically over the top.

D3 on the other what you get when you're just trying to keep people happy. Tack on another few rift levels, let people grind their gems up another few levels, give them some more crafting materials so they can reroll their's just a wash/rinse/repeat cycle of gameplay. Nothing interesting can happen beyond "oh lots of treasure goblins." The rare packs are not a challenge and if you insta-rip, well, who cares, you're just going to back into the rift anyways. Money is meaningless, the economy is completely broken. The screen spam with damage numbers turned on is so over the top, it makes PoE's speed meta look like tame in comparison.

PoE ain't perfect. But if you actually want to think about gameplay beyond "what set build am I going for", PoE is better. And if PoE is supposedly meant to be played while watching netflix, D3 is playable while you sleep and your cat sits on your mouse.

The real tipping point was when they made Ancient, ancient Legendaries. It's like "Shit, we ran out of legendary drops a year ago, what do we do? I know! Let's just copy them for a second time and just give them higher stats. That should buy us another 6 months to figure something else out."

lol You barely play path and you have the nerve to bash D3. D3 is fine right now, imo, anyone that says it is easy has not pushed GR ladders, that takes more skill than anything found in the endgame of path.
"Friend bought 15 keys and got garbage."

That's why keys are so cheap even if they are rare as fuck.
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if i were in charge of programming poe, i would lower the chance of keys to get the good stuff if they were bought off from other players.

diminishing returns ...


no keys or exalted/divine/mirror yet for me.
if playing the old leagues wouldn't be so much fun i would seriously think about reviving my old plan to play standard.
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Completed 25 Challengesvio wrote:
if i were in charge of programming poe, i would lower the chance of keys to get the good stuff if they were bought off from other players.

diminishing returns ...

there were chris post about it: more keys but lower tier uniques. and i'm happy with that - i like to get something not to have a 1 chance in whole 3 month league get 1 key (ssf hc as i play)

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