Friend bought 15 keys and got garbage.

0 relics so far,feels ssf man :).

Yet,whatever drops,i will be fine.Its not about the awesomeness of the drops,but i want just one till the end to experience the foil-age :).Even if that would be a kaoms ring.Seriously dont care.

Your friend i_no,was definetely so spoiled on D3 that even if he had taken the absolute best,he wouldnt had any admiration on it,selling it most probably down the line
Bye bye desync!
Nenjin wrote:

If the last two years of D3 development has shown anything, it's that Blizzard doesn't care anymore. D3 didn't become the real money cash cow they hoped for and so they wrote it off by allotting minimal resources to its further development. Rifts, GRifts, Gems, Ancient Legendaries, they've just been pushing out meaningless grind crap ever since they gave Wilson the boot. Their seasons are boring as fuck, literally: earn the newest set, play the newest build, then do nothing.

Ok, so it's a game people get bored with eventually, and move on. PoE got boring way quicker for me. Some of your criticisms about D3 could be applied to this game as well. Play the new league for 1-2 new gimmicks, try a new build, then do nothing applies to PoE as well.


So I find it immensely funny that after all the fuckups, you actually think D4 (if there even will be a D4, Blizzard hasn't done anything with their existing IPs since D3 sucked a fat one) is somehow going to magically be solid and fun. Because that's what everyone said about D3, despite all the signals Blizzard game that they were going to change the formula.

Here is my rationale, they're going to have to do something different from what D3 was, or its going to be viciously attacked. D4, if it's made will almost definitely have better character customization options, and build diversity. That's if Blizzard isn't completely retarded.

My biggest problems with D3 is the character customization is too simple, and that they force you to play online only. But everything else, gameplay, performance, teaming, end game, is all better in D3 than it is in PoE. End game is shit in PoE. In fact, the last 3 leagues I played in PoE, I quit playing after getting to about mid tier maps, level 8X on a character. And it's the exact same grind every time. Even if I take breaks for 2-3 leagues, it's always the "same old shit". I just got tired of the whole "trade to win" dynamic. I prefer ARPGs where I can solo and actually find decent loot drops.
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The end game in D3 is equally if not more shit than PoE to me. PoE at least I feel like something can happen in endgame maps that I find interesting. Something I haven't seen. There's randomness, variety, the challenge is metered, you feel like you've accomplished something even if the grind is epically over the top.

D3 on the other what you get when you're just trying to keep people happy. Tack on another few rift levels, let people grind their gems up another few levels, give them some more crafting materials so they can reroll their's just a wash/rinse/repeat cycle of gameplay. Nothing interesting can happen beyond "oh lots of treasure goblins." The rare packs are not a challenge and if you insta-rip, well, who cares, you're just going to back into the rift anyways. Money is meaningless, the economy is completely broken. The screen spam with damage numbers turned on is so over the top, it makes PoE's speed meta look like tame in comparison.

PoE ain't perfect. But if you actually want to think about gameplay beyond "what set build am I going for", PoE is better. And if PoE is supposedly meant to be played while watching netflix, D3 is playable while you sleep and your cat sits on your mouse.

The real tipping point was when they made Ancient, ancient Legendaries. It's like "Shit, we ran out of legendary drops a year ago, what do we do? I know! Let's just copy them for a second time and just give them higher stats. That should buy us another 6 months to figure something else out."
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Ho he didn't get the foil Kaom's ?
Sad friend indeed.
D3 is a game I can actually log in and play the actual game without going through a million hoops just to play it. I do not see what is wrong with this
i bought 4 keys total 40c ++ and all garbage items with garbage rolls. feels so disappointing

GGG really needed to buff those chest loot.
Completed 40 ChallengesI_NO wrote:
He went back to D3 :_; rip my friend /sad face

who is the other one and his 7 kaom legs you talked earlier
git good, copying a skill tree is hard skilled shit yo!

Ign:lapatate <3
Oh, keys. Not chests. my bad. :(

edit: If he wasn't going to leave over this thing, it would have been another. I can guarantee that, if he pissed off after only one bad RNG experiences.
21/05/2018. The day the indie company owned and operated in New Zealand known as GGG died. It is now owned and ultimately at the mercy of Chinese megacorp Tencent.

And Tencent is not renowned for its mercy.
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Completed 36 ChallengesWalrusky wrote:
D3 is a game I can actually log in and play the actual game without going through a million hoops just to play it. I do not see what is wrong with this
That the actual game is shit maybe? I mean if you've never played another arpg you might find it fun, but otherwise.
Head_Less wrote:
Completed 40 ChallengesI_NO wrote:
He went back to D3 :_; rip my friend /sad face

who is the other one and his 7 kaom legs you talked earlier

There's 12 of us 4 of them went back to EVE one went back to diablo and I'm well not really playing atm bit bored lol and the leg kaom btw pffft you believed that? Even we don't have that :3 I was being a jackass I mean cmon 7 of them? Hahaha ah that's good /rolls around

I honestly think it doesn't exist.
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