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Can the skill Puncture apply bleeding even if the attack has zero physical damage? It's too expensive to buy all the items I need just to test this :(
My understanding is that a damaging ailment can't apply if it would deal no damage, e.g. if you support Viper Strike with Brutality, it can't generate Virulence for Herald of Agony. You could test it out yourself with those gems.
Tested it. Can't apply poisons with brutality linked.

Okay a little update: It did not cross my mind that I could simply use Hrimsorrow gloves and a Physical to Lightning gem to get 100% elemental conversion. So I went and tested it and Puncture cannot apply bleeding either without physical damage, even when the skill guarantees to do so.

I had this idea to use puncture and the golden rule to make myself bleed for zdps, to get the full benefit from the Red Trail boots. Guess that idea's out of the window now.
Hey there. Some questions regarding "General's Cry"

1) Do the Mirage Warriors benefit from War Bringer (Exerted Attack's deal 50% more Damage)

2) Do the Mirage Warriors benefit from passive tree stuff like "Exerted Attack's deal increased damage"

3) Does the Seismic Cry buff "Exerted Attack's deal 30% more damage" apply to the Mirage Warriors?

4) "On Kill" effects will not trigger if Mirage Warriors kill the enemy. Correct?

5) "On Hit" effects will not trigger if Mirage Warriors hit the enemy. Correct? Or do they trigger for the Mirage Warriors because Victario's Charity f.e. works.

6) Do the Mirage Warriors use all your stats on their attack (buffs, auras, crit chance, ...)
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against0815 wrote:
Hey there. Some questions regarding "General's Cry"

1&2: yes
3: no
4&5: pretty sure they do not trigger
6: they use your stats similar to totems
The patchnote for the Envy aura change reads "Now grants 75% More Added Chaos Damage to Attacks and Spells", which to me sounds like 75% more chaos damage effectiveness. Got an Envy amulet today and that doesn't seem like the case. Is the buff just 75% more on Envy itself?
I'm curious about the link interaction between Impale Support - Raise Zombies - Summon Phantasm Support.

I understand that Phantasms won't be able to inflict Impale from that support because they cast and don't attack. However, from what I can tell from the Wiki page on Impale, it appears that any subsequent "hits" deal damage equal to 10% of the recorded Impale attack from the Zombies(up to five times by default). Does the hit that results from the Phantasm's physical cast inflict this 10% additional damage equal to what the Zombies Impale was recorded for?

Does Lucky Augments on Harvest roll mods twice and choose the lowest weighting/higher tier or does it roll the mod once and the number value twice?
Hey Mark!

I have been playing Path of Exile for over 2 years now and I have enjoyed every moment.

However, I am confused about new harvest crafting option which is 'augment a new random modifier with lucky values'

My understanding of this was that when the tier of the random modifier gets chosen, it rolls twice and picks the higher tier one. But others think tier is rolled only once and it rolls the value twice inside that tier twice and picks the higher value.

If if is possible to let me know whether I have understood the crafting option correctly, that would be super awesome. If not, well I guess finding out it by myself is always fun too.

Thank you for the help in advance.
lucky value not tier.....

Just the number within the mod get lucky according to the recipe wording....
I am not a GGG employee. I don't get pay to reply you. My edits in POE wiki are voluntary work, thanks.
Hi, @Mark_GGG
Do we have any way to reduce the delay of Voidfletcher void charges generation and/or not consume the charges?
hi i got t3 Apex of Ascension from ancient Vaal Temple of Atzoatl

the other day and i sacrifice unique belt and hoped to get Headhunter

and the result was not HH

and my friend and some people on channel told me that i should

at least get 40~43 item level of unique belt to get headhunter form dat t3 sacrifice room

could u any1 or dev answer my question if the item level of unique belt


to make sure i need solid answer from dev or the official wiki post or

something because

from i've searched so far the post about this topic is half say it matter

and the other half says it doesn't matter

thank you in advance

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