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Zphyr wrote:
Mindtroverted wrote:
If I combine Bodyswap + Arcane Surge + Less Duration will the Less Duration gem actually reduce the time between Bodyswap casts?
But Bodyswap has no duration tag nor a cooldown. Perhaps you are thinking about faster casting (which works)?

Arcane Surge adds the duration tag to any skill gem it is linked to. This allows for some combinations that otherwise wouldn't work. However, I don't know if the actual duration of skills that originally had no duration tag can be changed or not. Therefore my question.

Then the question: A level 1 spell cascade (25% LESS area of effect), level 1 concentrated effect (30% less area of effect) and level 1 intensify (with 4 intensity stack, 48% less area of effect) with 103% less are of effect why not reduce the skill area to 0?


Don't quote me on this, but let's say that the linked gems need to be activated in a certain order. If you start with 100% area effect and apply lv1 Spell Cascade, you will end up with 75% area of effect. If you then apply lv1 Concentrated effect, you'll end up with 52.5% area of effect. Apply lv 1 Intensify to that and you get 27.3% area of effect.

What I'm saying is that maybe the Less reductions do not apply additively, but in succession.
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yes it is correct, only kills caused by the explosion are counted as herald kills, in my opinion it will more profitable to use rarity/quanatity support with tornado shot, herald of ice kills are really indirect and less likely to happen

I understood everything, thank you very much for the answer)
Hi Mark!

I just invested in a legacy variant of Atziri's Acuity in game. This was easily the biggest trade I've made since I started POE in 2013. There are a number of things that have lead me to believe the item will continue to retain it's legacy instant leech mechanic if I divine it. Such as:

3.1.0: Atziri's Acuity: No longer instantly leeches Life from critical strikes, and instead grants Vaal Pact if you have dealt a Critical Strike Recently. This does not affect existing versions of the item.

Forum claims:

Youtube: (Published on Mar 10, 2018) (3.1.0 dropped December 8, 2017) -

But I want to be 300% sure nothing has changed between now and these community findings because, like I mentioned, much of my POE career has lead to this point. Could you please confirm these findings are still correct before I proceed? Thanks, Cheers!
Question about the Flesh Binder Ascendancy:
Do enemies killed by the caustic cloud count as being killed by you, or your minion?

IE if I were to use Mon'tregul's Grasp, would the caustic cloud count as the minions kill, thus triggering the flame explosion?
Theory craft, its why I have used all 24 character slots and the strangest builds you'll ever see.
Why is the effective duration of Blade Vortex affected by Temporal Chains (i.e. Shackles of the Wretched) but not by Shaper's Presence (from Solstice Vigil)? See this thread for details:
Hows does the beast limit work. If you reach the limit and then capture the beast does the oldest one disapear or you cant capture the new one?
How much is the party quantity bonus (for both items/currency)? The wiki is missing info (only goes to 4 players) and doesn't have a source.
Inquisitors "nearby enemy deal 8% less elemental damage"
Pathfinders "6% reduced elemental damage taken"

Inquisitors is multiplicative and the second one is additive, corrent? And it also has a higher numeric value.

So in conclusion inquisitors node is that much stronger?
Hey quick question. I can't find any info so if you could ask someone how does Static strike beam range work? Is it alweys same range or can it scale with some modifiers?

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