[2.1 Video Guide] Dual Elemental Siege Ballista Build 2x 40k+ DPS [HC/SC & Atziri Viable]

What about Totemic Zeal or Berserking off the life wheel?

Got this bow, what could be a good craft on this?
Since I stopped my SB build on tali hc, feel free to bump at me if you are interested in giving it a try, I'll fix you up with a solid drillneck and lioneyes glare (if going physical/poison) a lot cheaper.

On a side note, don't see any way to use new ascendancy's SB bow in maps, scaling is just too low. Hopefully they release some dex-boosting uniques.

Assuming you can get like 600 dex (shouldnt be that hard) you can summon 4 totems without even taking Ancestral bond which is pretty crazy. That means getting all the crit on ranger side of the tree without the need to go to templar. And 7% base crit is pretty ok considering you have multiple firing totems. It will be fine
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You forget the bow has literally no damage on it, and scales with 3 increased damage (max roll, only increases top damage like lightning spells) per 25 dexterity. After some quick calcs, you would need 1400-1500 dex to be able to clear low tier maps at moderate speed aka approx 2 totems per pack/screen before moving on. Also don't forget SB without high attack speed bow/talents is quite bad at hitting moving targets. With storm cloud/lioneye's glare it felt smooth and it wasn't missing as much, but when I tried a nicely rolled harbringer, I almost cringed.

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If you compare this build with the dual flame totem build, which one is better for endgame and maps?

I don`t have enough time to play many builds and pretty much stick to a guide all the time, I like the look of the Siege Ballista, but it would need to be really good for end game as well.

TheLuckyOne wrote:
If you compare this build with the dual flame totem build, which one is better for endgame and maps?

I played the mess out of Lifting's dual flame totem build. It's a great build to start a league with because with minimal investment you are killing like a champ. I played it in warbands and flashback to get started and fund other builds and then it was my only character for the 1-month Darkshrine league and I took it to lvl 93.

So I think I can speak for the dual flame totem build and tell you that it can do most anything. It can't kill as fast as some of my friend's builds but they would message me when they were stuck on something super nasty and I could take it out :).

I never saw any T14 or T15 maps drop so I can't speak for those but I played T10-T13 regularly with the craziest mods I could muster and did just fine.

As for Lifting's dual ballista, from the comments I am reading so far with people that have progressed further than me, this build is going to be fun and strong. I am only in act 2 merciless so I cannot speak from experience but I can see how this build is easily going to be quite powerful.

I think both of these builds are fun and you should pick one and as time permits, play the other :).

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Snorthorne wrote:
What about Totemic Zeal or Berserking off the life wheel?

BOTH! honestly, checking liftings build, its surprising he doesn't have both of those. drop a few of the evasion/life in ranger, or last few shadow for them.. Sentinal gives +24% eva/armor.

This is my dual curse variant.
Passive skill tree build

Like how Ishamz mentioned Shogen's Bramble glisten jewel is his weak link, attackspeed is key for Seige ballista.

I was previously running a build like this. Trying to get those other totems nodes for example. big mistake.
Passive skill tree build

those 6 point swaps. the totem nodes by blood magic.(ironwood) 40str, 28% damage, 5% attack speed.

vs, totemic zeal, and berserking. 20str, 18% attack speed, 13% totem attack speed, +40% duration.
the issue is of course when you add things up. my gear is not great.. but still.

you can get +damage everywhere, those few sources of +attack speed are much more important.
and really, even blue +attack speed jewels will be large dps increases.

Edit. in fact, im going to ditch shamanistic fury asap. 7 points for +48% damage. not worth it. I could go 5 point in ranger starter for 58% proj, and 4% attack. both would aid mirror/blink arrow, not just sb. or more life, etc. or, the AS nodes there instead.
Passive skill tree build
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i am using these i have a ways to go my tool tip is 10k single 7190 for aoe i need jewels badly and i think i need to fix my tree i took some placement speed and duration nodes but need to regret those

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you are probably hurting yourself with that voltaxic arent you?
elem weakness not helping it? if running that, proj weakness instead no?
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