Added Fire Damage

(deleted some retarded rambling about damage conversions)
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Added Fire damage states it adds 32% damage, and it does. That's... Entirely normal :P Not sure what appears to be the problem.

The additive/multiplicative discussion is about how Increased Physical and Increased Fire damage stack for Added Fire Damage (and converted damage, too. Works the same)(spoilers; it's indeed additive).
First, it takes 32% of your *base* Physical damage as Fire, then adds both Increased Physical and Increased Fire damage at the same time. Third step is multiplicative modifiers such as Damage Effectiveness and all of that.

In your case, the actual caculation is as follows:
(83-175)*0.32 = (26.56-56) - base
*3.03 = (80.48-169.68) - Inc Physical
*1.5 = (120.72-254.52) - Damage effectiveness
*1.41 = (170.2-358.87) - More Physical
Rounded, 170-389 final Fire damage.

The reason it works out either way is because you don't have Increased Fire damage :)
When we add 50% Fire Damage, you would end up with 170*1.5 = 255 minimum Fire damage. Insert joke about integer overflow here. Instead, you will end up dealing...

(83-175)*0.32 = (26.56-56) - base
*3.53 = (93.76) - Inc Physical/Fire
*1.5 = (140.64) - Damage effectiveness
*1.41 = (198.3) - More Physical
198 minimum Fire damage. After all, Inc Physical and Fire are additive, not multiplicative.

E; Hah, oh well :) It was fun.
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Ah damn you were faster, I just deleted my post since I saw it works both ways in my example... Thanks anyway :)

I have one Question why does this support gem looks like it increased the damage of fire spells such as firestorm which do no physical damage at all.
It doesn't increase the damage but it shows it on screen as if it did.

The only Spell that should work is bear trap.
It's a valid link, so all modifiers are applied. It does add its Fire damage, it just happens to be zero :P
(also, Ethereal Knives)
Hilbert wrote:
The only Spell that should work is bear trap.

Also works with Shockwave totem.
Nothing to see here.
Yeah forgot about that Skill.
Does this gem work with Fireball? Or just melee attacks?
Technically it does work with fireball. It will add fire damage equal to a % of the physical damage of fireball. That's probably 0, but it'll still do it.
For example

If I do around 1000 DPS and I add the Added Fire Damage, does my DPS go to 1200 or it only increases the fire damage my weapon does?

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