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Targuil wrote:
Melee physical damage support does NOT increase Avatar of fire's dps. I tested it.It only increases total physical damage. Your total physical damage in this case is zero so it doesn't do anything.

From the Melee Physical Damge support gem thread:
Mark_GGG wrote:
There is a bug currently where the multiplicative damage increases, including the one from this gem, don't work correctly with converted damage, applying only if the final type of the damage fits them. For example, this gem current;y will not apply to fire damage that is converted from physical. Also fixed in 0.9.5
So that's work correctly in 0.9.5
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It's currently possible to link this support to Spark. I imagine this is unintended. It does increase the mana cost, but does not add any damage.
This is a damage gem, and can be linked to any gem that deals damage. There are a few gems that can deal damage without currently having any way to get them to deal physical damage, but making a separate category for those gems would be a) time consuming for little gain, b) very confusing for people once we have gem categories showing on the item popups, and c) hard to maintain correctly as we add more ways to add/convert damage and get more ways to put different damages on skills. There may well be ways to get spark to deal physical damage in the future.
Added Fire Damage affects damage dealt, and it will convert some of the physical damage of the gem to fire damage. Linking it to a skill which isn't dealing physical damage is a non-optimal, but possible action.
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Umbraal wrote:
You're doing it wrong.
You have to take the base physical damage before all other modifiers, then add your increased physical and elemental damage to that to get the amount. So in that case it won't give 43% of your total amount, because that would turn increased amounts into a multiplicative modifer with physical, so they're summed as increased modifers are.
This is pretty much correct. Converting damage is not done by making additive increases into multiplicative ones. If you provide your base damage values of each type (from weapon and any gear which adds damage), and all your passive, skill, support and/or gear % modifiers to he relevant damage types, I can run the numbers for you.

This post gives a run down of damage for using added fire damage with infernal blow, which might help you.
Technically it does work with fireball. It will add fire damage equal to a % of the physical damage of fireball. That's probably 0, but it'll still do it.
LostForm wrote:

I have to agree partially with bilun based off the quote you linked, viper.

Mark_GGG wrote:
Conversion on the skill is always applied at full value. Other conversion from gear, etc is scaled to fit the remaining space. So in your example, lightning arrow still converts 50% to lighting, the other two scale down evenly to fill the remaining 50% (so roughly 17% and 33%)

The skill always converts from the base damage, but the items convert from the physical left from the skill conversion.
That's not what the quote says.
All conversions are on the base value. The amount of conversion from items is scaled down in the specific case where the total conversion would be greater than 100%, so that converting damage never makes new damage.
Yes. It used to be possible for certain builds to convert 150% total of their physical damage to various elements with certain skills, which meant they were getting a free 50% damage from out of nowhere - this was broken enough that we had to fix it, and we figured that the skill you were using converting some should take precedence, and the other sources should scale to fit the remaining damage such that only 100% could ever be converted.

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